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Monday, April 20, 2015


April 20, 2015

The word “psychic” long ago became a catch-all term for things metaphysical. In this article, what I mean by the term “psychic surgery” is “metaphysical surgery,” more specifically “energy surgery.”

When initiating various steps of the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (DRH Process), it has been quite common for Healing Love Energy to begin flowing through my instrument as I focus on the image of the recipient (which serves as a homing device). When that happens, I place my hand over the image until the energy flow stops, which means the session is complete (usually about fifteen minutes).  It is not common that we the Angel-Light Team perform “energy surgery” without my knowing about the intent to do so ahead of time.  That happened recently, and it was very powerful.  My hand was “taken over” and I witnessed various maneuvers as the Healing Love Energy flowed through, and I recognized removals from that embodiment. I was also given some words about what was occurring. It was awesome, and I felt wonderful during and after.

More than one psychically sensitive persons have reported seeing my body’s hands “go into their bodies” during private, in-person sessions over the years when I have been  consciously and intentionally doing “energy surgery” and channeling Healing Love Energy.  I appreciate every experience of being the instrument for “energy surgery” for someone at a distance.

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