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Monday, February 29, 2016


February 29, 2016

Many people are surprised to discover and realize they haven’t been breathing optimally and don’t know that there are ways to breathe to relax the body and mind, which improves health and wellbeing in various ways, including slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure over time.  For best results, breathing to relax for a few minutes every day is to be a regular practice over time.

Try this:  With one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, gently take a slow, deep breath in through the nose, so that your abdomen and diaphragm visibly move as if you are inflating a balloon. You won’t feel your upper chest move or shoulders raise a lot if you’re doing this correctly.  Then allow the air to leave through your mouth. After 3 to 5 of these breaths, close your mouth and breathe in and out through the nose. Over time, with practice, you’ll take in more air and feel your lungs stretch.  Practice this relaxing breath for about ten minutes every day. As you practice, you’ll reach the point where you’re taking six to ten of these slow, deep breaths every minute.  Try not to miss a day, but don’t be concerned if you do.

There’s something you can do to make this type of breathing even more beneficial—that is, instructing your body while you are deep breathing, which has the effect of programming the body . Think of these words (singular and combination):  at-ease, relax, sweet-peace, peace-calm, center, balance. The words center and balance and relax have two syllables each. At-ease and sweet-peace and peace-calm are two words and two syllables each. All these words are recommended for relaxing. The reader may think of others. Think the first syllable of each when inhaling and the next when exhaling: "cent-er” or "bal-ance" or “at-ease” or “sweet-peace” or “peace-calm.”  Repeat several times.

Making deep breathing a habit (so that you take a deep breath whenever you think about it) enhances the wellbeing.

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