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Monday, September 19, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, September 19 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I subscribe to the Daily Quotes of Abraham-Hicks Publications.  Some I read and then delete; others I save in a folder labeled “Abraham.” This one, from May 2000, is a keeper: “The Universe is not discriminating about the rightness or the wrongness of your request. It is here to accommodate all requests. All you have to do is be a Vibrational Match to your request, and the Universe will yield it to you.” 

That’s making something simple that can be complicated.  However, focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want does make manifesting easier.  And, decreeing and affirming helps as well, beginning with shifting consciousness so one can be aware of the bigger picture and get ideas for bringing out what one wants.

A woman I knew during the first year of the State of Texas lottery strongly focused on winning the lottery and asked her “angels” to give here the lottery numbers. Finally, she received numbers and wrote them down, except that she wasn’t sure she heard one correctly and guessed at it since she couldn’t get clarification.  A second number she decided couldn’t possibly be right (and I forget the reason she decided that), and she chose another instead.  Oh, she won the lottery, but only had four of the six numbers correct. One of the wrong numbers was one she had been given but decided not to use. She won under $100 when it could have been thousands if she’d used the number she changed.

Personally, I cannot imagine asking my team/staff/crew for the lottery numbers, but people are different. To me, Cosmic Christ Consciousness is a state of consciousness I want to achieve.  Even if I don’t fully achieve it or don’t stay in Christ Consciousness 100% of the time, focusing on Christ Consciousness does enhance my wellbeing at all levels, including physical. Here’s the abbreviated version of a decree/affirmation I use when it occurs to me or something such as today’s Daily Quote reminds me:  “I Angel-Light decree I Am placing me and mine and all within and attached to my body temple into vibrational resonancy with Christ Consciousness and matching frequencies with Christ Consciousness—now.”  Believe me, there is releasing of energy and consciousness stuff as my body shifts into higher frequencies of vibration.  Again, sustaining Christ Consciousness in this life may not be possible, but it is a goal to strive for—in my opinion, anyway.  I will include here that achieving Christ Consciousness on a full and permanent basis is accomplished over many lifetimes of spiritual practice—not via decrees/affirmations.

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