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Sunday, October 23, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, October 23, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

For weeks now, I’ve been telling myself that I need to just trash a container (about 15” x 20” x 15" tall) packed full of documents on spirituality, metaphysics, and wholistic health. Good information, mostly, some from years ago, but what use do I have for it?  None. I'll "never" have the time to read or look at them again, and I already have another container of that size where I place newer documents once I finish reading and studying them, so it’s not like I wouldn’t have some miscellaneous reading material should the need arise.

Finally, yesterday evening, I closed the book I was reading and walked into the bedroom/storage area with the intent of pulling the documents out and putting them in a garbage bag.  However, I began flipping through instead, and noticed there were some I’d like to keep. I've only gone through about one-fourth of the container at this point, but a big heavy stack is already in the garbage dumpster. What a load off—already!

One of the articles I decided to keep was a 1996 article of John Hornecker (www.earthscape.net) titled “Becoming a Bionic Human,” which, as far as I can determine via an Internet search and looking at John’s newest web site, is no longer available on the Internet.  I have valued and appreciated John’s information over the years, and the perspective shared by John in this article is one I resonate with based on my own knowledge and experiences.  As always, the ellipses indicate where I have left out some of the words, and I use brackets to insert my own words.

“Once we have achieved a certain degree of healing and refinement within our beingness, we are then in a position to move more fully into our spiritual mission. Before entering into incarnation, each of us as a Light Worker agreed to carry out a specific mission within the framework of the overall Plan. Depending on our particular assignment, certain enhancements to our physical body, and higher dimensional bodies, may be appropriate to assist us in carrying out our work. Although our physical body may continue to appear normal in relation to the Homo Sapiens species, many of us have undergone some very significant changes on a functional level. In this section, we shall discuss some of the advanced processes and technologies, such as implants, that are utilized. Before we begin this discussion, however, it may be appropriate to insert a philosophical note regarding implants. Among Light Workers, the subject of implants oftentimes seems to trigger various forms of innate resistance or repulsion. There are perhaps several reasons for this:  Up to this point in human evolution here on Earth, much of our technology has been applied in ways that are not in harmony with universal principles. This has been particularly true of technology utilized by the world military establishment. Thus, as we think about technology, we generally tend to perceive it as being on the opposite end of a spectrum from spirituality. So when we begin to talk about the introduction of technology into our human body to enhance its capabilities, there is sometimes an initial tendency to view this as inappropriate tinkering with a Divine creation. However, in the more highly evolved worlds from which we as Light Workers came, technology is generally used in alignment with universal principles, and thus is viewed as a way to assist our evolutionary development. It might be appropriate to refer to such technology as sacred technology, to differentiate it from some of the misguided technology that has been prevalent here on Earth.  The growing body of controversial information related to alien [and interdimensional] abductions and possible collusion between various groups of aliens [and interdimensional beings] and enclaves of the worldwide shadow government related to mind-control experimentation, and possibly other perverted uses of technology, has created a cloud of uneasiness related to the entire issue of alien technology.  During recent years, a considerable amount of channeled information has been published related to the struggle between the forces of LIGHT and the forces of DARKNESS throughout the long history of our current evolutionary cycle. Some of this material discusses how during certain periods of time, implants were used by the ruling classes to control the minds of the subservient cultures. If this is true, then there quite possibly is an innate fear buried deep within our collective mass consciousness related to implants.
Having thus acknowledged some of the possible reasons for controversy related to implants, let's now consider some of the various types of implants, and how they can be used to help us carry out our Lightwork missions. Once again, our focus here will be on implants that are installed in us by our Cosmic associates within the realms of Light.  Such devices are usually implanted within our etheric body, rather than our physical body [emphasis added]. Thus, they are not detectable by current medical technologies, such as x-ray or sonic scanning systems. Once installed, most implants can be either activated or de- activated remotely from a ship. When it is anticipated that a particular type of implant is going to be needed at some point in the future, it is a common practice to install the implant when there is a convenient opportunity, and then delay the activation of the implant until it is needed.”

Implants serve a variety of functions, and John describes some of the more common types: Inhibitor, Filter, Locator, Communicator, Integrator, and Amplifier. John adds that there are many other types of beneficial implants and goes on to describe some he has benefited from and how.  He ends with, “Hopefully the foregoing provides a broadened perspective as to some of the various uses of implants. And ideally it may help to dispel some of the reservations many of the Light Workers have as to the appropriateness of implants.”

People, this is why I shy away from people who claim to remove ALL implants and seem eager to show their skills at so doing.  We the Angel-Light Team have focused on neutralizing, deactivating, disabling, dissolving, dismantling, disposing, etc. of negative implants that are harmful to the individual receiving assistance, knowing that the different types of implants aren’t all dealt with in the same way.  

The reader might ask, “Who installs harmful and negative implants?”  This article is long enough already! 

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. How can we assist you?

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