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Saturday, April 08, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
April 8, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

The following is a re-sharing of a December 2006 article titled “Multidimensionality, Etc.,” which is comprised of writings before the internet version of the Angel-Light Beamer existed. 

I have pulled in some writings from my past for this blog [of December 2006] because of some of the questions I've been receiving.

THE COLLECTIVE SOUL (Angel-Light Love, May 22, 1998): There is no limit to the number of units of consciousness that can be present with and/or express through one human body-mind. These units of consciousness can be of the soul group of the one in charge of the human body-mind, or more distant "relations." Indeed, there can be even units of consciousness of other sentient beings/universal species present. Recognize that you as a soul are a collection of sentient energies--expressing as various species throughout the universes. Therefore, you are the human(s), the so-called extraterrestrial(s), etc. For one to gain a degree of understanding of this is important. For one to have all units of consciousness removed that don't seem to be "human" in nature may be inappropriate, for many units of consciousness are gathered on/in this sphere at this time in the evolution of your species to observe the goings on--and to assist and intervene where and when appropriate. I am reminded that being cosmically aware can expose one’s self to bugs and bug-a-boos that the average embodied human is not exposed to. In other words, living a cosmic reality can do this. I have been privileged to make the acquaintance of conscious cosmic beings living as humans. For that I am very grateful!

MULTIDIMENSIONALITY (Angel-Light Love, June 29, 2003): We speak to you now of multidimensionality. We exist. Our Multidimensional Soul Self exists in many worlds, expresses in various arenas. One living as human who is in tune with or aware of MSS can access those frequencies and can call in different aspects of MSS to assist and/or express by overlaying or even sharing the human body-mind unit--for brief periods of time or long-term. What one aspect of the MSS experiences affects, to some degree, other aspects of the MSS. One or more aspects of the MSS who sense when another is troubled or in danger may choose to intervene on behalf of the aspect in distress. There are those living as human who are aware of when they "bi-locate," if you will allow us to use this term loosely, to be with other aspects of the MSS. There are those living as human who are fully conscious of the other aspects of the MSS, which can cause a bleedthrough effect. Without a doubt, such as these are required to learn to differentiate and separate Self from other aspects of MSS in order to function as human so as to avoid being labeled mentally ill.

MULTIDIMENSIONALITY/UNIVERSALITY (Angel-Light Love, July 13, 1999): The vast majority of those units of consciousness in human embodiment have not an inkling of their origins, their multidimensionality, and so on. Those who do cannot (and would not want to) ignore the nonhuman and/or universal aspects of their beingness. I am a universal being. I dwell in many universes, in many forms. I am that I am. To project upon me only humanness is to visit limitations upon me. I am an unlimited being. One is not to ignore and shut one’s self off from one’s multidimensionality once one becomes awakened to it. One is to accept the increased responsibilities that accompany that awareness. It will assist your understanding if you will regard/think of Angel-Light as an expanded spiritual being rather than a mere human embodiment. Indeed, I am she and I am [Archangel] Michael. You would not restrict me to a mere human form and its accompanying limitations, now would you? Then do not so to Angel-Light. We are satisfied with the service of this one. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made. Refrain from mundane guidances to this one. They are not required nor deserved. [April 2017 Note:  This was written in 1999 to someone who had been attempting to serve as an advisor despite my getting inner guidance and not needing the outer guidance.  Also, people who carry some of the energy/essence of Archangel Michael, by extensions placed) are referred to as “Michael’s.”  My embodiment has not carried the energy/essence of Archangel Michael for several years now. See next paragraph for more information.]

SOME ARE CALLED (Angel-Light Love, May 30, 1998): Some are called to a higher purpose [mission]. For those that are called to a [certain] higher purpose, the traditional laws do not apply (i.e., laws of creation, laws of prosperity, etc.). Are you one of these to which we are referring? If indeed this is the case, perhaps you would do well to rethink your manner of existence and to align yourself with your [certain] higher purpose. There are those human body-mind units which are set apart for utilization by specific souls and soul groups who have taken on this [certain] higher purpose. One human body-mind can have many units of consciousness working through it. By so doing, these souls have, and will necessarily expose themselves to travails and experiences that those of dissimilar purposes will not be acquainted with and will not relate to. These volunteers are not to concern themselves with [seek] the validations of others. It is enough they are engaged in the purpose [mission] for which they were called.

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