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Tuesday, August 21, 2007



August 21, 2007

In The Book of Judas, a Gnostic text, Jesus tells Judas that the human mind or spirit or soul does not or will not survive--something that, at first glance, makes this book heresy to traditionalists. (For more on The Book of Judas, go to my March 20, 2007 blog, "Reading Judas.") However, when one considers there are various translations/mistranslations of ancient books, and differing meanings of words that people often lump together as same or similar (such as soul, spirit, mind, consciousness), then one better understands what is meant.

The human mind is part of the human body which, almost always, decomposes when it can no longer sustain/support life. As far as this goes, those who claim humans have no afterlife (that this is "all there is") are correct. However, when one accepts that a human body-mind unit has various types of souls assigned to it--human and other, then one recognizes there can be an "afterlife."

But how many people are aware that souls are not part of the human body-mind unit but only being hosted by same--and legally assigned, I might add? How many people are even open to the possibility? From personal experience, we can respond that there are few. Not many realize that memories of past/other lives are soul memories and not mind memories. Few recognize that dream time experiences that are "so real" are actual experiences, as are those in altered states of consciousness.

Over the years, we have read and been told unusual experiences of many people. We have described some of our own on this blog site. A couple of weeks ago, there was a "very real" experience of flying in a vehicle which made unusual moves/directions and beholding various scenes. Noticed a tall rock formation that was unusual and was given "needle rock." On the home page of either Hot Mail/MSN or Yahoo the next day or day after, one featured news item was about UFO activity at Needle Rock near Crawford, Colorado. So that's where I was! Or, should I say, that's where one or more of the ETs hosted by this human body-mind unit was. I recall an experience back in the early 1990s of being in a similar flying vehicle that was invisible so that we could travel and observe undisturbed. Saw what seemed to be a secret government installation protected by a high chain link fence when we followed an automobile that stopped there (and one man unlocked the gate and went in). I'm leaving out some of the details here. During that excursion, saw clearly a road sign with "Eagle Pass" (which is a town in the Texas-Mexico border area) on it. A few days later, when I was telling a gal I was shopping with about it, the cashier overheard, gasped, and exclaimed, "I just moved up here from Eagle Pass!" Now what are the chances of that?

Often one realizes that interpretations of past experiences are incorrect. When I found myself happily walking around "in spirit" through a marching bagpipe band, which was playing one of my favorite Scottish tunes, I assumed it was a time traveling experience. Now I realize that it was one of the elemental (fairy) souls hosted by this human body-mind unit who was there, and it was a present time occurrence. While we're on the subject of elementals/fairies/devas, I had wondered where those who had been hosted by this human body-mind unit had gone because they were no longer with us. Found them last Saturday when I began a two-week house/cat sitting gig at a home where I've assisted several times this year (most recently in June). My hostess said, "There's something I want to show you. We have a little Findhorn here." And that we do! (As a matter of fact, our elementals have served the Findhorn experiment/project, which is in Scotland.) My hostess had planted ferns along one side of her house and had a pathway installed (stepping stones surrounded by small rocks). The next door neighbor gave her some of his wonderful compost (which both she and I have contributed to) and she spread it around the ferns. During the last several months, we've experienced lots of rain and lower-than-average temperatures in North Central Texas. The ferns are surrounded by beautiful, huge cantalope vines, and the biggest, best-looking cantalope I have ever seen escaped the raccoons. (The seeds were in the compost.)

The elementals were overjoyed to be with this human body-mind unit and souls, and the feeling was mutual. Such wonderful, high vibrations are at the unplanned-by-homeowner garden spot! Very therapeutic! From time to time in the past fifteen years, we've composted and grown beautiful flowers and vines that were admired by many and have grown healthy houseplants, fed by our compost, that were shared with others. The elemental souls assigned to this human body-mind unit will rejoin the rest of us--ETs, angels, and human soul "at year's end." Some of our angel experiences have been described in previous blogs.

As mentioned heretofore in this blog, there are others aware of experiences of the souls hosted by their human body-mind units who have shared them verbally and in books and articles. All people aren't aware of these, but that doesn't mean they don't happen. Meditate, go within. Decontaminate. Establish and maintain a strong spiritual connection. Meditate, go within.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator