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Saturday, April 03, 2010


Mental health professionals have long recommended moving the body and getting out in nature and exposing the body to sunlight to those who are unhappy and depressed. That translates to a barefoot walk in the park on a sunny day as far as I'm concerned. Enjoyed that this morning when I walked to the grocery store. Took off the shoes and stood barefoot on bunches of clover, giving thanks for the experience. Such experiences are life-affirming whether or not one is feeling heavy and low (and I wasn't). But what if that's not convenient or possible? There are ways one can move energy into and through and feel great afterward. Here are some of our recommendations (also available in handout form, along with others).

Begin and end each day with this one. Stand in the shower with the water running or in front of the toilet, loo (or whatever you call it) where waste is emptied. Take several strong, quick, deep breaths in and out through the mouth to prime your energy pump. Set your intention to lighten up and feel good, with "I am [your name]. I Am that I Am. I [your name] Decree I Am lightening up my spirit, my mind, and my body now." Have your arms down by the sides of your body in a relaxed position. Then swing your hands up the sides of the body until the hands meet up above the head--as powerfully and purposefully as you can manage. Then bring the hands straight down the front of the body as far as you can. When you are as far as you can go without bending, swing the hands and arms out to the sides at the same level and claim silently or aloud, "Clear!" Complete by relaxing the arms by the side of the body again. Repeat this at least three times and as many as ten until there is a feeling of lightness and energy. The next step is to use the side edges of the hands to strongly sweep through as much of your auric egg as you can reach. This extends about 2' to 3' around the physical body. Then flush the toilet or step under the running water in the shower to recycle the stagnant energy. Do this the first thing upon awakening to begin the day and the last thing before getting into bed for the night's sleep. Obviously, it can be done in the ocean or a moving stream. People with limited mobility and even confined to beds and wheelchairs can modify this slightly and get results. As the homily goes: Practice makes perfect! One can also imagine one's fingers as prongs of combs and comb through the aura before disposing of the stagnant energy by washing the hands or slinging it toward the sun or a candle.

Sometimes the body's wires can get crossed or polarity reversed. If this is the case, the following gets results. Stand (or lie down if mobility impaired) with hands at your sides and legs slightly separated. Take a few deep breaths to relax. Hold your two hands over your head, three to five inches above your body. The fingers of your hands should be pointing toward the top of your head. Beginning at the top of your head, cross and uncross your arms—palms toward your body—in a side-to-side sweeping motion, moving down toward your feet. When you get to the point that you can no longer keep your hands positioned correctly with fingers pointing toward your head, turn your hands so the fingertips are toward your feet and continue on to just beyond your feet. You will have to sit up in order to move your hands over the lower part of your body. This is done the entire length of your body four, six, eight, or ten times—alternating with one hand closer to your body and your other hand crossing over above it, and then with the hand positions reversed. Don't hurry. It’s better to overlap than to skip an area. This can be done any hour of the day.

Our last recommendation, for use any time it comes to mind is quick and easy. Stand with arms by the sides and feet 6” to 1’ apart. Position your tongue behind the ridge behind the front teeth, in the middle. Cup your hands separately with fingers together. Rub the bones behind your ears vigorously with the fingertips for 1-3 minutes. Place the fingers of one hand over the naval—touching lightly. (Can be done clothed or unclothed.) With the other hand, find the “v" of the bones below your neck (the soft spot between the bones). With thumb and forefinger, move out and down until you find the corner indentations beneath and to the outside of the bones where they make about a 90-degree angle. Move your fingers in a circular motion while pressing firmly. At the same time, move your fingers over and around your naval in a circular motion. Then place the palm of your hand (the one you don't use to write with) flat and toward your crotch—about 2”-3” away. Move the hand up almost to the chin, then back down to the crotch in quick, even motions. Do this 5X to 10X. Repeat the last step, except this time go beyond the chin almost to the tip of the nose, and then move your hand out with the palm up, as if you are flinging something off. Bring hand down from that point the natural way it moves (out and back in). Do this 5X to 10X. Lift your right knee and tap it with your left hand. Lift your left knee and tap it with the right hand. Alternate and repeat 5X to 10X.

Here's a quickie that can be done any time of day as often as you wish. Stand with your arms out beside the body, parallel to the earth with palms facing upward. Take several deep breaths quickly as you swing your arms up over your head to where your hands meet and then down the front of your and out. Then say, "I Am energized. I Am vitalized." We recommend this procedure be done three times whenever you choose to do it.

At the end of the day, ask yourself: How was your day? Did you laugh? Did you play? Did you have any fun?

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