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Monday, May 06, 2013


May 6, 2013

Ever wished for more energy to complete a task or to walk that extra mile? I’ll share some quick and easy methods to generate more energy and increase the flow of energy through your body.

One such method is spinning your body in a clockwise direction. Begin by simply focusing on the four directions and move slowly from one direction to another. Gradually increase the speed of your spin--placing your arms in whatever position seems natural, feeling free to move them at any time. To alleviate any dizziness and facilitate balance, find some object at eye level and let that be your focal point. Every time you face that object when spinning, focus on it. As with any procedure, you’ll become more comfortable with spinning with practice.

There are several breath techniques that provide energy, including this one (standing, if possible).  Take several rapid breaths in and out through the mouth, making sure to pull the air as far down into the abdomen as possible.  You will usually see your abdomen expand when inhaling and retract when exhaling.  If not, intentionally make that happen. As you become more familiar with this procedure, your abdomen will expand and retract naturally. Repeat silently to yourself over and over:  "I am energized.  I am vitalized." Be careful not to overdo.

Almost everyone knows that moving the body with intent can transform a tired body into a lively body. Well, try moving the arms while standing to freshen your energy.  Start with arms hanging by the sides of the body. Then swing them out and up so that the palms of your hands meet over your head. Then swing the arms and hands down the front of your body, palms close as far as they can go. At that point, swing them out to the sides until they are extended out from the sides of your body. Remember to intentionally breathe throughout the process.  Also, it is beneficial to silently instruct your body, such as using the one word “energize,” throughout.  I personally like, “I Am generating and emanating happy Healing Love Energy now.”

Last but not least, just pretend your arms and hands are brooms and sweep your electromagnetic body clean, slinging those arms freely everywhere you can reach, moving the body to access as much of your energy as possible. Woo-hoo!

Don’t give up if you have difficulty with any of these selections from my collection.  The more you practice, the easier it will become. Practice, practice, practice!

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Angel-Light Love
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