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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


June 4, 2013

We have written more than a few articles on soul dynamics over the years. Recently, a more clear way of explaining walk-ins has been brought to my attention by a "cosmic teacher" who discussed soul families in an Internet radio program. I had an "aha" and questioned my sources for more information.

Most (about 95%) walk-ins-walkouts involve souls of the same soul/oversoul family. If one can think about healthy biological families—how members are supportive and assist each other, how members share lodging and household furnishings and goods,  for example, then one can have somewhat of an idea of how soul families operate as well.  When this became clear to me recently, cases I’ve come across over the years (and my own) made much more sense. 

Sometimes it is the case that soul selves occupy the body individually, but other times more than one will be in residence. (The Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis is a little more complicated when there is more than one soul self in residence, and we have come across a few such cases over the years.)

Each soul self has lived its many lifetimes and had varied experiences and brings skills as well as baggage into an embodiment. A soul self is shaped by its many lives, and one could say that a sort of “spiritual DNA” is part of that soul self.  When one examines photographs of an adult physical body made over time, one can often see marked differences in appearance—especially in the eyes. This is most apparent when several soul selves of a family group have inhabited the body over the years. In some cases, switchouts are more frequent than in other cases—depending on soul goals, needs, and other considerations. 

Different soul selves will be readily apparent to a perceptive individual who knows what he/she is looking for. And sometimes the differences are so remarkable that a person who is unaware of soul dynamics can find no way to explain them that fits into his/her reality. I have photos of a man covering twenty years or so, taken by myself and others, that reflect the different soul selves. I’m given that ten soul selves of his soul family has downloaded into the body at different times.  At this point, eight soul selves of the same family have worked through this my physical body.  About ten to fifteen years ago, an aunt I hadn’t seen for many years was at a family memorial service and looked for me but couldn’t find me in that gathering of about fifty people, so her daughter pointed me out, and she said, “That’s not her!”  She came over to me and stared at length into my eyes, and said words like, “You’re not the same person.” I confirmed and validated her, telling her that she was much more perceptive than anyone else in the room because no one had else noticed.  There can be other reasons for differences, but they are not the subject of this article.

I have begun asking for the number of souls who have occupied the body during its lifetime when providing a Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.   We also provide that information to supporters who ask for it.

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Angel-Light Love
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