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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


January 7, 2014

When having a heart-to-heart with “my Divine” just yesterday about difficulties living as this level of existence (and my reality is that I came into this body with a mission to assist humanity), I received: “You knew the risks you were taking . . . negative forces . . . sorry.” And further along, another reminder: “You knew the risks.”

Today I received an email newsletter with an article by Cameron Day (www.ascensionhelp.com) titled “The Foundation for All Healing," which gave me another reminder in the fourth paragraph: “This realm is truly a battleground, and we knew the risks coming into this world. We knew we would be wounded, guaranteed. We also knew that we could heal through reconnecting with our True Self. The enemies of freedom know this as well, so they do everything they can to block us from accessing the Higher Self. Often times, the closer you get to a breakthrough, the more they attack, because they are afraid of the power and potential that you truly possess.”  Back to the previous paragraph: “. . . Many people are angry at their Higher Selves for ‘allowing’ them to be badly harmed in this lifetime, and I understand that. However, the Higher Self can’t stop bullets, and it can’t stop abusers with a desire to harm others from doing so.”

What Cameron calls “Higher/True/Inner Self” in this article is also called Overself, Oversoul, and Superconscious by different people (whether correctly or incorrectly, they are all okay). I feel a resonancy with the term “Inner Divine Spirit,” which I call “my Divine,” and feel much love and Divine presence in my heart center when communing.  All of us have this source of information and higher perspective available and input is often given unsolicited when one’s connection is mostly clear.  The decorruption, decontamination, and unblocking (aka renewal) of oversoul connection can be quite beneficial. However, this connection has to be maintained.

Cameron shares later in the article: “Your Higher Self is who you truly are beyond the identity of any single lifetime. It is a vast consciousness that has a very ‘high’ perspective on everything in this level of experience. It comes into one’s awareness through the right brain and through the heart, which is why the (left brain) ego construct needs to be silent in order to perceive the Higher Self. . . . As your awareness of your True Self grows, it is able to reside more and more within your physical and energy bodies where it belongs.  This is only possible through silencing and taming the ego so that it can be easily set aside when you want to act and think through the greater awareness of your Higher Self. As we reincorporate the Higher Self back into the body over time, especially into the heart center, it returns to its true place as our Divine Inner Self” [what I call Inner Divine Spirit].

Accessing one’s Higher Self (Divine Spirit/Overself/Oversoul/Superconscious) for information and answers and guidance is to be the focus—not seeking counsel of so-called guides (because imposters can be found masquerading as guides).  For the full article (and others that may be of interest), go to www.ascensionhelp.com.  As always, take what you can use at this time, and ignore what you cannot.

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