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Monday, April 27, 2015


April 27, 2015

The word “foreign,” in addition to definitions related to countries other than one’s own, is defined as “not typical of something or someone and therefore not expected or familiar.”  The medical definition of foreign is: “not forming a normal part of the bodys immune system.”  However, as at least one on-line dictionary points out, the word “foreign” has come to mean just about anything—when used in slang. I assume every reader knows what the word “negative” means.  As far as this article is concerned, “foreign negative” means “not a part of one’s person/embodiment and detrimental to one’s person/embodiment.”  This definition covers a variety of possible contaminants and interferences.  Now who would want “foreign negatives” engaged with one’s person in any way?   

There is no need to spend time trying to determine if there are foreign negatives within or around one’s person.  One can just assume there are and proceed accordingly using one’s power and authority. Many times, short and simple procedures can eliminate at least some if not all foreign negatives.  All we’re recommending in this article begin with several slow, deep breaths, engaging the full body—or at least the trunk of the body---with eyes closed. This focuses the intent and also relaxes the body to some degree.

Believe it or not, just stating what you want aloud with focused intent can be effective, such as:  “I Am [your name]. I Am The I Am That I Am. I want all foreign negatives disengaged and eliminated from this my embodiment and locked out—for the duration—now. One can also specifically instruct one’s body.  Before instructing the body, focus on the ball of light at the core while taking a few deep breaths.  Then continue focusing on the core while giving the instruction.  If you don’t notice the light, imagine it.  Instruct as follows:  “Body, please disconnect, eject, and expel all foreign negatives, and lock them out—for the duration—now.”  Begin imagining the ball of light moving up and down the central vertical channel, and you may then sense the light moving elsewhere to do what you instructed. It is important to allow three to five minutes (and sometimes more) for the job to be completed.

One can put out a universal all call, so that any angel or benevolent spirit who hears can choose to assist, speaking slowly and clearly:  “Universal all call. Universal all call. Universal all call. I Am [name] of [country, area, etc.].   In the name of Christ [or the Light] and under the law of grace, I [name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, demanding, commanding, claiming, and giving thanks for the disengaging and eliminating of all foreign negatives from this my embodiment, their binding as far as my person is concerned, and their banishing from this my embodiment—for the duration—now."

Invoking the assistance of particular beings is preferred by some people, including Prime Creator Source, Great Spirit, the Christed Heavenlies, the Krystic Forces, the Powers of Light, the Hierarchies of Light, and the Warrior Angels of the Light Force. There are others. Speak powerfully:  “I Am [your name]. I invoke [whomever] on behalf of me and mine—now.  In the name of Christ [or the light] and under the law of grace, I [name] Decree I Am asking you all please to disengage all foreign negatives from this my embodiment, capture them, bind them, and banish them from me and mine—for the duration—now.”

Whichever of these methods you use, do so in as quiet and private a place as possible, and pay close attention to what you feel, what you sense.  And don’t rush any of them. Feel free to share your results via email.  If you sense there are still contaminants and interferences after trying these methods over two to four weeks, a Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis from the Angel-Light Team should be able to identify them.

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