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Friday, May 08, 2015


May 8, 2015

I subscribed to the E-newsletter of Spiritual Teacher Michael Mirdad of Sedona, Arizona.  I was blessed to meet and attend events of Michael locally in the 1990s when he visited the Dallas area.  Actually had an experience when in private meditation that led me to “recognize” Michael’s soul as that of a “master” or “avatar”—one with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share. 

In the May 2015 E-newsletter, Michael writes about “Old Lessons & New Inspirations,” listing five lessons and describing his experiences beneath each.  I’ll share the lessons here.

Lesson #1: People May not Always Love and Support us but we must learn to Love and Support Ourselves. It's true that people will not always love and support us but do we really need them to? No! Instead we all need to learn to rely on our own internal sense of following spiritual inspiration AND enjoy (without attachment) any external support from those who do happen to appreciate us and our gifts.

Lesson #2: Those Who Bear Light, Must be willing to Burn. The bigger we become-spiritually-the more we embody the greater thoughts/archetypes of God-being the gods and goddesses we were created to be. Of course this sounds like a lovely concept but with it comes the challenge of everyone around us (including partners and family) either waiting for us to slip OR expecting us to live up to those higher archetypes.

Lesson #3: Our Spirituality is Greatly Determined by Our Transparency. As we all know by now, the rate of our spiritual development is far more in relation to who we are, instead of what we know. And who we are is greatly determined by our ability to be transparent.

Lesson #4: Recognize when we are Sabotaging God's Plan for a Better Life and then Choose Differently. God is only capable of holding a vision for a better life for us. All else to the contrary is simply us getting in the way. And one of our greatest lessons in life is to figure out when we are getting in the way of our highest good. Then we must make all the necessary changes for the better, which often includes finding balance or a "middle-ground."

Lesson #5: There is a Time to Stay and a Time to Walk Away. We all have times when a situation is so difficult it tempts us to walk away. Sometimes, walking away is the best, and other times it marks the failure of a test. The trick is in knowing when it's the right time to do one or the other.

I also want to share Michael’s Personal Example for Lesson #5, which is: I have found that one of the best methods for making this decision is as follows: When the "pay-offs" are greater than the "turn-offs" (in any given situation), then it's probably worth staying-as long as the situation continues to improve. But if the turn-offs are greater than the pay-offs, then it might be time to walk away.

Michael’s experiences add to the understanding of each lesson, and I recommend going to his site (www.grailproductions.com) to read the full article.

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