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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Copyright January 6, 2015 by Angel-Light Love

At the risk of alienating or repelling some people, I’m going to share in-depth information on dealing with metaphysical oppression and abuse--with a caveat: One needs to attract or have in place angels (term used in general here to mean benevolent beings) that have the ability to accomplish what one is requesting, praying for, or decreeing/affirming in order for the information provided to be effective (or have the personal power and authority).  This sharing was inspired by someone sending me about five simple prayers/decrees/affirmations (from the Internet) dealing with one specific type of offending entity and a few offenses which, no doubt, can be useful to people feeling metaphysically oppressed or abused, but there is so much more—so very, very much more. I’ll probably forget some things I mean to include, but here goes. If the reader takes offense at any point when reading, please continue to the end, by which point your concerns may have been alleviated.

This list of possible perpetrators of metaphysical oppression and abuse is intentionally not overly specific, for it is better to cover more territory by being general:   controllers, overlords, unholy ones, artificial intelligence, devils and demons, predators, dark operatives, foreign negatives, undesirable outside influences, occult practitioners on the left-hand path, non-organic parasites, pathogens.  When addressing issues or covering basics in general, it is usually (but not always) best to use all these labels collectively

When clearing, it is recommended that these areas be covered: my morphogenetic field, my bioenergetic field, my merkaba, my light body, this my embodiment, my overtones, my soul space, my hologram, my totality (which includes multidimensional soul self), and my body's organs, systems, and components. The chakras/energy wheels are covered through this list, as is the auric field, although one can add these to the list if one wishes.

One can banish the named perpetrators from all these areas, and one can address a multitude of items placed in the areas mentioned in the previous paragraph, when self-clearing (specifically of, from, through, and by the named perpetrators--although a few can be dealt with in general), including:  attachments, installations, energies, frequencies, frequency locks, reanimated astral and etheric shells, merges, links, hieroglyphics, downloads, extensions, antennas, thought packets, mind constructs, mind slides, robotic energies and entities, holds, transfers, cords, connections, extensions, signs, seals, signatures, emblems, implants, imprints, energy constructs, homing devices, tracking devices, signaling devices, hooks, ribbons, strings, consciousness loops, consciousness traps, antennas, holographic inserts, psyche nests, soul fragments, energy bits, energy loops, webs, veils, binds, listening devices. restraints, constraints, containments, nets, fences, cobwebs, filaments, clamps, walls, traps, anchors, locks, seals, ceilings, curtains, stakes, energy constructs, thought form entities and clusters, disease clusters, death shields, death harnesses, cells, bands, ropes, bonds, grids, barriers.

Verbs used in prayers, requests, and affirmations/decrees include: ascend,  allow, align, attune, activate, balance, bind, banish, break,  cut, close, clear, center, cease, cancel, change, convert, decorrupt, decontaminate, deny, disintegrate, defuse, disable, deactivate, delete, disappear, dissolve, disinfect,  dislodge, diffuse, destroy, detoxify, dismiss, disengage, dissolve, discharge, disconnect, discontinue, dislodge, dispel, dismantle, discontinue, evict, embody, exclude,  eradicate, erase, exit,  expel, extract,  extricate, embed, extinguish, eliminate, flush, fortify, heal, integrate, invalidate, increase, install, insulate, liberate, match, merge,  maximize, minimize, neutralize, nullify, negate, obliterate optimize, open, purge, purify,  quarantine, revitalize, release, restore, repair, reclaim, renew, reboot, retrieve, restore, reconfigure, recalibrate, rectify, reconnect, reinforce, remove, seal, secure, sever, secure, stream, transcend, transmute, transform, terminate, transfer, unblock, unplug, untangle,  unify, update, uncreate, upgrade, void.  (Use the “ing” form of the verbs when decreeing/affirming.)

There are several forms of prayers, requests, decrees/affirmations, etc., including those that will be described in this paragraph (always aloud with focus unless not possible). One can simply make a statement beginning with “I want,” or one can instruct the body, “body, please,” followed by the request. And one can begin with “I Am asking you all please.”  One can begin with “I Am asking” or “I Am requesting.”  Beginning a decree/affirmation with “I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, claiming, and giving thanks for” can be quite effective.

It is always to introduce self with a simple personal statement, which begins with “I Am.” I often state (three times aloud), “I Am Angel-Light Love of Texas.”  Some like to state, “I Am [your full name], a sovereign being.”  Others like to state, “I Am [your full name] a child of God.” These are only suggestions. The reader might prefer something else.

Before my I Am decree/affirmation, I like to speak “in the name of Christ Consciousness” or “in the name of Christ.”  Some ones prefer “in the name of the Light.” Some people have reported speaking, “in the name of all that is holy” or even “in the name of Jesus.”

After introducing one’s self, one can attract attention by adding “universal all call.”  If the concern is extra important, one can use “clarion call, universal all call.”  It is to repeat one’s name followed by the words of choice three times before continuing. If one is an emergency situation, one can just forget about the introducing of one’s self and speak “clarion call, universal all call, SOS” and let it end there (but only when faced with an emergency situation--such as tornado, floodwaters rising, physical assault).  

Lastly, some people are most comfortable with invoking and/or calling upon specific beings, such as: God/Divine,  Christ Jesus/Jesus Christ, Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Christ Michael the Archangel, Mother Mary, the Light Brigade, the Christed Angel Beings, etc.

There are several choices for ending affirmations/decrees, prayers, requests, including:  now; throughout my totality—now; up and down the time lines and up and down the verticals—now; throughout time-space and throughout space-time—now; for the duration—now; on a full and permanent basis—now.

That’s it, I think.  All this information covers a lot of territory, but it by no means covers all we deal with via the Divine Reconnective Healing Process or how we address issues for people.  Hopefully, this sharing will be beneficial to some who read the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥  at http://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com  If the reader wants others to have the information, direct them to the site by sending the name of the article and its creator and the link, including a very brief review if desired. There are buttons beneath the article for use in sharing on social media. For special permission to reshare this article on the reader’s own site, please contact Angel-Light Love.

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