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Monday, February 08, 2016


February 8, 2016

As is my practice from time to time, I opened a folder in one of my email accounts recently with the intent to inspect to see if I wanted to delete any or all of the emails or the folder.  This folder contained emails with another Healing/Facilitator that were about a year old. When I opened one to inspect, I found some information that I want to share with readers.

The Healing Facilitator, whom I’ll call “Sara,” reported having been feeling “off” for several days and wondering what she had done wrong because some people being assisted had reported no relief as a result of her efforts, which was very unusual. “Sara” wrote:  “I always approach a healing or clearing as I should, and do exactly what is needed to bring relief to my client.”   So “Sara” called her mentor (also a Healing Facilitator) for counsel and reported to me that the first thing the mentor did was to remind her that it is never about what she has done wrong, adding that if a “client” reports after a healing that it did not work, then it is usually because the “client” does not allow the healing.  “Sara” wrote that it made total sense to her when her mentor said it, but she obviously needed to hear it.

I wrote “Sara” my thoughts on the subject, which I’ll share in the following paragraphs.

About a person "refusing" assistance/healing/clearing:  We the Angel-Light Team begin initiating the lengthy Divine Reconnective Healing that we began developing many years ago, and it has evolved and expanded and lengthened over the years. My  instructions are that if the Oversoul, Soul Source, or Divine Support Team (aka Angels, Guides) of the person seeking assistance objects to something that we set out to do, we ask for grace and clearance to proceed, stating our case.  If permission is not granted we abandon that particular something and move on to the next step. 

You see, it is my reality that an Oversoul has plans and goals for each embodiment across space-time, and that is one reason (and I emphasize the words “one reason”) why we souls being hosted by human body-mind units do NOT have 100% free will.  Over the years, when doing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we have found most people have about 45% free will, with some having 40% and some 50%.  Rarely do we find 35%, but it has happened. With more and more people declaring and claiming their sovereignty, I've checked out some people I know from Internet who do that, and find they have 55%.  One guy has 100% (and he is a very unusual being). I increased mine to 55%, but haven't checked it in a while.  Consider the outlining of essays/articles that school children used to learn (and don't know if they still do).  You start out with Roman numerals. The next level is capital letters. The next level is Arabic numerals. The next is lower case letters. And so on.  Consider that the plans with the Roman numerals are "cast in stone," as are most (but not all) of the capital letters. At the Arabic numerals level, there is some flexibility with the Oversoul's plans, and there is even more flexibility at the level of lower case letters.  Anyway, there is a difference between interfering and intervening.  We wish not to interfere with the life plan established by Oversoul for an embodiment. 

Something else:  If an individual is living more by the will of the body mind/ego than higher self/divine consciousness, then the ego can ask for or object to this, that, and the other.  We have declined to get involved with some people because it is the ego asking rather than the soul. However, when the soul has been sufficiently displaced from an embodiment, the soul doesn't have much of a voice. We have been approached by the Divine Support Team on behalf of an embodiment and even given information to convince us to attempt to assist.  So if ego refuses the healing, then higher-level engagement is required a far as permissions are concerned. Also, as you're probably aware, spirits, entities, lifestreams, consciousness units, etc.  that are foreign to an embodiment can refuse the clearing/healing of an individual.  This is often misconstrued to mean that the soul refused the clearing/healing. Discernment is important.

I didn’t communicate to Sarah that I don’t consider people requesting assistance “clients” because that word seems businesslike.  By no stretch of the imagination is our mission/ministry a business.

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