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Monday, March 07, 2016


March 7, 2016

Spent an hour on the telephone this afternoon with an out-of-state couple wanting our input.  It occurred to me afterward that it is a good example of the differences between a psychic reading (which we don’t provide) and a consultation (which we do).  You see, she presented questions as if she were getting a psychic reading, such as, “Will _____?”  And “Should _____?”  And “Is_____?”   And “Are we _____?”  The future is not cast in stone, and one can shift from one timeline to another (such as when I gave up the “traveling angel” lifestyle and settled into an apartment), and this can negate psychic predictions. We don’t try to “tell the future” but, admittedly, can give some indications of where a seeker is headed based on current energies, current timeline, etc. So I explained how I would provide helpful information that wouldn’t be attempting to “tell the future.”

This couple is retired and are now thinking about where they want to move because they don’t like their current city and state.  Instead of telling them where they will be moving, I suggested we make a list of locations they’re considering and find how beneficial and detrimental a move to each location would be, measuring percentages in five-point increments.  I made a list, and they made a list, and we recorded the information gleaned at both ends of the telephone connection.  I asked and sensed the information via words and visions on my mind screen, via words in my mind, with body sensations, and in other ways (ESP/SSP being about 85%).  I also sensed and received non-requested information and conveyed it to the seekers, who were on a speaker phone. Then the three of us went over the list of about seven locations, and eliminated two of them immediately because of the locations being too detrimental to their wellbeing.  Next we discussed the remaining locations.    Because they’re not planning to move until the first quarter of next year, I suggested that we not look for more detailed information for a few more months.  We also provided a lot of information about areas of concern that helped shed some light and alleviated concerns but yet didn’t give iron-clad information (again, because the future isn’t cast in stone).  We always look for the positive, but there are times that some of the negative has to be provided, too.

The consultations/investigations of this type, which respect both the oversoul’s will (Divine will) for the incarnation as well as the individual’s will, can be very helpful.  Here’s a tip:  When wanting information from the Angel-Light Team or anyone else, don’t ask questions to get a yes or no answer.  Just share your concerns and allow the person you’re consulting to interact with your crew/angels/support team and his/her own to provide information that will be most useful to you. 

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