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Thursday, June 09, 2016


June 9, 2016

I encourage and emphasize to people that it serves one well to live as Soul, a spiritual being in a human embodiment, and to come from Soul at all times. By so doing, one approaches life from the perspective of the High Self (which I often refer to as Oversoul) or, at the very least, has connection and communion with the High Self.  And one becomes a witness to the current life—a witness which is more understanding of the events, relationships, etc. of the present human embodiment.

During past life regressions/future life progressions (which I call soul lives exploration), we access lives of all Soul facets (and fragments) of the Soul--not just the one(s) living in this embodiment.  When one is majorly awake and aware of Soul dynamics, one can understand why several living human people can claim to have lived as Cleopatra (for example) and all be correct.  It's out from Soul, as a facet, back to Soul to merge. All facets are part of the one Soul, and Soul sends facets out again and again. The configurations of Soul facets are dynamic rather than static. Souls return, merge, and their experiences and memories become the experiences of the entire Soul and all its facets. In addition, Soul facets can fragment because of trauma and stress during a particular life and remain apart from their Soul facet and Soul Source—for a short time to generations.   

Obviously, a goal is to bring all fragments into the fold, reuniting and integrating with the Soul facet from which they fragmented before the life ends.  If not, retrieving them can be more difficult and time consuming. Then the process becomes one of rescuing and retrieving lost Souls and wayward spirits and sending them back to Soul Source.

I would be remiss not to mention subpersonalities here, which we designate as minor personalities in the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  It is normal for every Souled human person to have both major and minor personalities (and licensed therapists of various designations have written numerous books about it, even sharing about their own personalities).  These are facets of the Soul, a conglomerate of sorts.  This isn’t a disease state that needs to be remedied—that is, unless there is fragmentation because of trauma, and the present life becomes unmanageable and dangerous because of the fragmentation, rendering the human person highly dysfunctional. 

There is a technique that awake and aware people can use to get acquainted with various aspects and fragments and work to heal and integrate the fragments and incorporate the facets into the present life as part of one’s team.  This can be quite beneficial if some of those facets (which I also refer to as consciousness units) have been sabotaging the present life.

People into personal growth and healing are usually more familiar with what is called “inner child work” than “facet work” (which are similar).  However, both can greatly enhance one’s life.

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