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Friday, June 10, 2016


June 10, 2016

In the introduction to her June 10, 2016 blog article titled “How to Remain Sane Amidst Chaos” on her “Exopermaculture” site, wise woman “crone” (word she uses) Ann Kreilkamp shared:

For decades now, I have been working to integrate and balance the various and diverse aspects [facets]  of my own internal zoo that, if left alone, tend to compete, rather than cooperate. Long ago I discovered that what is required is that the larger impersonal "I" (or "witness") remain continuously aware of, and balancing, all sorts of "me’s” that act as if each other either does not exist or should be ignored or wiped out.  Sound like today's world? It is. The cacophony inside me IS the outside world "writ small" (or, seen from the other side, the outside world IS me, "writ large"). The point is, we need to practice waking up to continuous awareness of internal/external, inside/outside at once, simultaneously. And to do that we must center deep within, and then, like a standing wave lightning bolt, we both dig below into the holy ground beneath our feet as well as open our questing minds to the infinite cosmos above, and . . . and it's the "and" that's important here, while keeping our lightning bolt verticality above and below, let us learn to hold and feel our center of gravity in the opening heart, which radiates gently, equally and horizontally in all directions. So, you might say, in this strange, polarized third dimension we are each of us crucified, hung on a cross: the vertical arm is Wisdom, the horizontal arm is Love. Their intersection denotes the Love/Wisdom center of awareness that, the deeper and higher it reaches, the wider it expands. Both/and. Simultaneous. Always, integration of polarities on every level no matter the complexity.

These words of Ann Kreilkamp need no additions here.  Those who read “Soul Facets,” posted to the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ on June 9, 2016, will recognize that Ann’s words relate to and clarify and validate that Angel-Light Team sharing. Since they appeared the very next day, I knew I had to share them with readers.  Ann Kreilkamp writes on a variety of different subjects and sometimes post several blogs a day. You may want to check out Ann’s Exopermaculture blog site and even subscribe to Ann’s posts.

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!

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