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Monday, June 06, 2016


June 6, 2016

Deborah DL Zeta shared an excerpt from her e-book, “The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness” on Facebook recently.  I want to promote this e-book because I resonate with this excerpt (and all Deborah’s writings for that matter).

Here is the Table of Contents for “The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness.” Introduction: The Fifth-Dimension is Here Now. Chapter One: Tuning into the Broadcast of the New Earth. Chapter Two: You are the Next Step in Activating the New Earth.  Chapter Three: Barriers to Experiencing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness. Chapter Four: Spiritual Telepathy is the Key to the Fifth Dimension. Chapter Five: Allowing the Greatness of Your Being. Chapter Six: Trust and Believe in Your Highest Vision. Chapter Seven: Stepping into Emotional Freedom.  Chapter Eight: Activating Inner Technologies. Chapter Nine: Expanding Your Definition of the Present Moment. Chapter Ten: Beings from the Future and the New Earth. Chapter Eleven: The Role of Chaos in Achieving Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness. Chapter Twelve: Building the Dream for a New Time on Planet Earth.  Fifth-Dimensional Timelines and the Power of your Inner Observer.

And here’s the excerpt that Deborah shared recently (with paragraphs combined for saving space): 

Fifth-Dimensional Timelines and the Power of your Inner Observer: Your inner observer is an aspect of our consciousness that is always present. However, it is only when we “wake up” that we're able to benefit from its wisdom and guidance. Learning to see the world through the eyes of our inner observer is essential to accessing fifth-dimensional timelines. The sleeping consciousness goes about life day-to-day missing symbols and road signs and intuitive nudges. The person who is “asleep at the wheel” so to speak, has allowed themselves to become overly absorbed in the events of their life. When this happens, life events seem overwhelming and overly important. We lose proper perspective when we are unable to step back and objectively view what is happening. Without both the up close and the big picture perspectives we can't learn and benefit from our experiences. Instead, we find ourselves on an endless treadmill of life events, lost in the dream of our life without benefit of insight and understanding.

Detachment is Trust in the Higher Order of the Universe: Detachment is the key that allows us to step back and see ourselves and our life events through the eyes of our inner observer. Detachment isn’t indifference; rather it is a trust in the higher order of the universe. When we're able to see life from a detached perspective, we are able to see how our life operates according to certain storylines. As we're able to stand back and witness these storylines, the actual events lose power over us. We are able to act from our choices and guidance rather than from feelings of enslavement and addiction. When we fall asleep and become overly absorbed in the dream of our life, we are much more susceptible to enslaving and parasitic storylines. The person who feels they are victimized by others and by their life events can cultivate detachment to examine their beliefs, actions and tendencies. A thorough examination of where one’s energy is flowing provides the insight to make life choices. Each person holds the power to become the master of their fate rather than the victim. The price for mastering life rather than being swept along is wakefulness and sharing the journey of life with one’s inner observer. `

Gaining Awareness of Storylines or Life Scripts: If we gaze at our life’s storylines long enough we're able to see these are timelines activated in accordance with beliefs we hold about the nature of reality. These programs or scripts determine how our life events flow. If our scripts say we are losers, we will lose. If they say we are lovers, we will love. As we move through life, still participating in the roles we have set for ourselves, we're able to also view events through the eyes of our inner observer. Over time our observer will bring awareness to old scripts operating in the background of our lives. Once we see these scripts, we can rewrite them and change the timelines we’re energizing and experiencing.

Life Happens -- if we are Sleeping: You may have seen bumper stickers that say “Life Happens.” This is a common belief of those who are moving through life asleep, without the awareness that they hold the ability to choose their life circumstances. The fact is life happens in ways you might not choose if you are asleep to the possibilities that exist all around you. When you fall asleep you lose touch with your inner observer, and life’s potentials are lost in an overwhelming tide of events. Once you regain perspective through your powers of observation, you are awake and aware, and life unfolds in amazingly beautiful and unexpected ways.

Deborah’s e-book titled “The Future is Here Now: Steps for Accessing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” is available for $15 at http://celestialvision.squarespace.com/the-future-is-here-now/.  And there are others! 

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!

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