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Monday, June 06, 2016


June 6, 2016

I became wide awake at about 4:15 this morning and decided to spend some time treating my body (which includes the auric field) with golden light.  Some people prefer white light, but it is my reality that golden light is of higher vibration. I suggest that people who have been using only white light begin mixing it with gold light. Other people prefer using violet light in the form of a violet flame. Adding gold, at least around the violet flame, can enhance the benefits.

One treatment involves golden screens like window screens and screen doors, which serve as filters. Ask for angels of the gold ray to run screens through your embodiment. Then imagine the first screen, which is about ten feet in width, begin about five feet above your head and work its way down to about five feet below your feet. You can choose to have any debris collected shaken off the screen into a golden trash receptacle with lid for disposal, or you can imagine an angel with golden vacuum cleaner pulling debris off the screen.  Then do the same process two more times. You may find the angels of the gold ray using the golden screens to sweep through your person, using them similarly to a broom. 

Another treatment is asking for angels of the gold ray to spin disks of golden light down through your person (which includes the auric field). You can envision these in the shape of Frisbees (a toy) or in the shape of vinyl record albums—just completely golden light and much wider than Frisbees and record albums.  The spin starts about five feet above your head, and the disks spin down to a point about five feet below your feet. Sometimes the spin will be slow; other times, it will be fast. Don’t try to overly control this treatment or any of the others.  Allow the angels of the golden light to use their wisdom to do what needs to be done.

Another treatment works on the central vertical channel of your embodiment. This may be about one inch across (for minimally activated channels) and up to three inches for more open channels. Any more than that can mean that the channel needs some repair and restoration.   Ask the angels of the gold ray to send a ball of golden light into your central vertical channel.  It starts about three feet above your head and moves down to about three feet below your feet. It usually moves in a zig-zag fashion, which is more noticeable when one’s central vertical channel is larger.  Some people like to adapt this process to make the ball of light zig zag back and forth through each energy center/chakra, three to five times through each.  It is seen/imagined going out the back, moving back to center, then going out the front, and then moving back to center before going down to the next major chakra.  This can supplement the basic process. I confess that I rarely do this because I prefer to let things proceed naturally.

One can treat the energy using golden light at the core of the body.  One can imagine a huge ball of golden light several feet above the head, with a stream of light in place down to the core of the body, which is located in the middle above the solar plexus and below where the rib cages part. At the core, there is a much smaller ball of light at rest. (FYI:  I often see a human light being, which I take to be my higher self, above the head--rather than just huge ball of light.  She/He is always there, and the stream of light is always there.) After imagining the balls of golden light with the stream of light connecting them, begin deep breathing, using the full trunk of your body, with the body expanding when inhaling and contracting when exhaling, while focusing on the small ball of golden light at your core.  Then think the word “free” on the inhale and the word “clear” when exhaling—over and over again.  Imagine the ball of light at your core becoming larger and larger, perhaps even expanding some and contracting some during each breath.  After a while, when the time seems right, in one fell swoop, expand that ball of golden light to change shape and fill every space of your physical form on the inhale.  The next step is a little tricky, but it doesn’t take long to master it.  When you begin exhaling, expand the golden light that fills your physical body out through the pores of your skin until it your body seems larger—three to five feet in all directions to fill your auric field. This can be a very powerful clearing, so don’t give up on mastering it. Once the golden energy is encompassing your auric field, some remains.  Each time you do this, you are enhancing your auric field.  If you can imagine that golden field around you all day, as you walk, as you sit, or whatever you’re doing, it can be quite beneficial.

One last treatment is opening yourself as a channel (state intent) of the light of the gold ray and using your hands like brooms to sweep your auric field and/or direct the energy into your body wherever you wish.

Treating the body, including the auric field, with light energy raises one’s frequency resonance vibration and increases one’s light. And this purifies and cleanses.  Pick and choose from the procedures described.  No particular order is necessary, but becoming adept at them all can greatly enhance your life.

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!

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