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Friday, June 26, 2009


June 26, 2009

I am based in the North Central Texas area, and most of my time is spent in the extended Dallas-Fort Worth area. In recent years, I've noticed there are homeless people who carry their things around in large garbage bags--men, women, and children. Recently saw the same thing on a television documentary about the homeless in a major California city.

Heretofore, it had crossed my mind that these people need luggage to carry their things in. Those plastic garbage bags rip and tear too easily! Sure, the plastic bags keep their belongings dry, but those large bags can easily fit over duffel bags and luggage on wheels. Heretofore, I have given a few back packs and duffel bags to people who needed them, but nothing on a large scale.

Today I had an epiphany and committed to buying duffel bags at rummage and yard sales and thrift stores (as finances allow) so I can have them on hand to give to people I find carrying those garbage bags (and they seem to be almost everywhere these days). I can put a large heavy-duty garbage bag inside each empty duffel bag that can be used to keep the duffel bag dry in increment weather. Not only people who sleep “on the streets” need something better than plastic garbage bags to keep their belongings in. There are those who spend their nights in homeless shelters who need them, too. Sometimes bureaucracy gets in the way of meeting needs at homeless shelters. I personally prefer to give person-to-person as I see people in public, but that’s just a personal choice.

New duffel bags can be purchased at low prices at Army surplus stores and even Wal-Mart. I would like to plant this idea (of giving the homeless street people duffel bags and luggage) in the minds of as many people in the USA as possible. Please send the link to this piece to your Internet contacts. Every little thing each of us does to help those in need matters.

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