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Saturday, July 11, 2009


July 11, 2009

Too many times ones tend to assess people and writings and situations in "black and white" rather than in "shades of gray," the latter of which can give a more accurate assessment of what one is considering. Using the "black and white" method often leads to erroneous assumptions about this, that, or the other.

Had a telephone conversation with a supporter earlier today about a particular individual and her writings. The supporter wanted to know if this person is "of the light" (a "black and white" type of analysis). When I read some of the individual's writings yesterday, I was curious, but felt cautious, feeling something was "not right." I'm a fan of the instruction about teachings: "Take what you can use and ignore the rest." However, the cautious feelings I experienced were stronger than that. I was concerned because the supporter had only recently begun to follow the teachings of this person, who has many followers. I decided to ask my sources what percentage of the person's writings were light-based (a preferred term rather than "of the light") and received 40%. I automatically assumed that 60% of her writings were dark-based. Not so fast, Angel-Light! Shortly afterward, I realized that many teachings are neither light-based nor dark-based but neutral. When I made a chart with a list of names and asked what percentage of the writings/teachings of the people on the list were light-based, dark-based, and neutral, I received a more accurate assessment.

Many times I've been sent articles written by "lightworkers" and asked if they are true. Well, truth is a relative term. (What is true for one person might not be true for another person--or at least to the same degree.) I prefer to question in terms of accuracy. I'll do that with interesting articles I download off the Internet and save to hard drive. Sometimes I will print what I sense is useful information and ask paragraph by paragraph what percentage is accurate.

One more thing: If a well-publicized teacher with much-circulated teachings consistently over time takes one out of the present time into the future with promises things are going to be "this way" or "that way" (with such words as ETs are going to rescue lightworkers), then red flags come up for me, and I usually don't read any further.

Be here now. Be love.

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