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Saturday, December 12, 2009


December 12, 2009

I feel very blessed when I find someone has published information that validates my Love Work. Sometimes I even get excited--as was the case today. Someone sent me a notice of one of George Noory's "Coast To Coast" programs on which the guest was Dr. Charles Tramont. The subject of the program was "spirit attachment." Dr. Tramont was an obstetrician and gynecologist for many years who awakened to other types of healing, which are sometimes called alternative. His book From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century is about his transition from allopathic medicine to what I call "spiritual healing" and includes case histories. I resonate with the word "gnostic" and would consider my philosophy largely gnostic.

George Noory had these words about Dr. Tramont: ET-type spirits can also become attached to people. The mechanism for this can involve a fleshy tubular device that goes through the spine to seal an energy transfer from their dimension. In one case, a man had four reptillian attachments, with one body "in stasis" on a spaceship. In another instance, a woman was used like a portal through which other alien beings entered.

I've come across both in my Love Work--the former being quite common, the latter less common. The discovery of Dr. Tramont's work helps me feel less alone in my own work! Supporters of my Love Work and readers of the blog know that I write and teach on the subject of reptillian attachments and ET downloads (although the latter and other such far out scenarios I tend to be conservative about discussing because of not wanting to instill fear in anyone). In the Divine Reconnective Healing process (aka Clearing-Healing process), we address violations and abuses and invasions of hostile, harmful, dark, and sabotaging entities of all kinds.

I've added Dr. Tramont's From Birth to Rebirth to my multi-page amazon.com wish list. If you've considered my words about reptillians and ETs a little too far out for your consideration, get yourself a copy of Dr. Tramont's book (published this year, I believe) and read it.

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