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Thursday, December 03, 2009


December 3, 2009

Question: Read your blog [about soul braids]. Do I have a negative soul braid? Is that why I'm having such a rough life? If so, how do I get rid of it?

Response: The hostile, harmful, dark, and sabotaging soul cord braided with your soul cord is NOT the ONLY reason you're having a rough life. We have initiated its removal for you. It has to be done very carefully. Anticipate it will be gone in about three weeks.

Twenty years ago, I did not have the knowledge or experience to do all the work I'm now doing for others. Over the years, there have been healers I trust whom I have called upon for assistance in hopes they can do something I can't do for my own self--and usually with results. However, even healers charging hundreds of dollars per session miss things. Someone I know paid $300 a one-hour session for a total of three sessions with a healer back in the 1990s, and it was only at the beginning of the third session that the healer picked up/noticed a biggie that was eluding him.

There are some things I can't do for myself even to this day. Correction: I'm eventually figuring it all out and doing it, but it sometimes takes me a while. There have been weeks, even months, that I've dealt with an obstacle or negative thing before finally getting results. The positive side of that is that I learn in the process.

What I'm getting at here is that, based on my experience, there's a lot you CAN do for yourself at this time, but there is also a lot you CANNOT do for yourself. Some things are beyond comprehension of most seekers and just too complicated and difficult to teach. The ability to deal with such things comes with first-hand experience and divine downloads and divine explanations. The best thing you can do is to make the connection with your Divine Support Team and establish a working relationship with your team. [See recent blog titled "Divine Support Team.] You will ask questions and get responses in your head and/or on your mind screen, and perhaps even in other ways. A dowser/pendulum [which the questioner uses] can work, but too many times the answers given are false and misleading because it is an OUTER means of questioning rather than an INNER. It is true that the Kingdom of God/Divine is within. Out there is the interference and mischievousness of lower astral beings.

Decontaminate, meditate, go within. Decontaminate, meditate, go within. Decontaminate, meditate, go within--on a daily basis, we might add.

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator