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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


December 2, 2009

Under the umbrella term/scenario "walkins" we find the term/scenario "soul cord braids" (sometimes called "soul blending" and "soul merging"). To be accurate, walkin scenarios is where one soul wants to depart and end the life and another, normally a more evolved/advanced soul, downloads to reside in and work through the human body-mind unit. Many who consider themselves walkin souls are actually experiencing a soul braiding rather than a true walkin experience. In this case, another soul braids its cord with the cord of the existing soul in residence. This can be for a short period of 3D time or for many years. (There are some teachers who claim this is a lifetime thing, but I don't agree.) There are different reasons this happens. Sometimes it is arranged by both souls before a life begins. This method is one used by advanced beings to bring in information that is important for humanity at any given time. Sometimes the soul in residence has asked for assistance. Other times the existing soul's "homies" witness the difficulties of the soul in residence and one gets permission to download and assist. Sometimes a member of one's soul family has some time and elects to come in to visit and share one's life for a while. No matter how benevolent the purpose of a soul braid, there can be challenges. Wouldn't want the reader to assume otherwise.

Something comes to mind that may not be an exact example of soul braiding, but I'm to share it with you. In the early 1990s, I awoke feeling "not myself." Then I became aware of a cocooned soul floating above and to the right of the body and knew this dear one was leaving me. It was explained to me why he had to leave, and I accepted that, but I grieved nonetheless. So in a few days I was taken to visit this soul who had been with me and left. He was in what seemed to be a hospital room, in bed. When he became aware of me, he lifted up the top part of his body and reached out his arm to me. I don't remember the details now, but he was gently placed on the bed again and we left. I was told not to sing my soul song because that would be calling out to him (and I didn't for a while, but do it often now, especially when bathing). After this experience, I was able to let go of my grief and move on.

I have been enlightened in recent weeks that ones can have hostile, harmful, dark, and sabotaging soul braids (which I had suspected but hadn't given much thought to). We tend to keep the term/situation "walkin" in positive context and label the negative something else, when the truth is there are both positive and negative walk-ins who braid their soul cords with the soul cords of the souls in residence for the time they are allotted--or in the case of illegal walkins, for as long as they can manage. Advanced souls who visit for shorter periods of time usually just overlay. There are also what I call overshadows, which are illegal and by those who serve the dark matrix. Needless to say, these can wreck havoc in a life. There is not room here for a thorough discussion of this topic, but perhaps we have been helpful.

It occurred to me to check out people for hostile, harmful, dark, and sabotaging soul braids, and I'm finding some. We are now including the removal of these in the Divine Reconnective Healing process.

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