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Saturday, January 02, 2010


January 2, 2010

It's always a gift to be in communication with individuals who recognize the importance of clearing the Multidimensional Soul Self back to Source and actively engage in so doing, as I have been in recent months. It's more common to be in communication with people who clear their energy fields at this level often. Truth be told, most people are unawakened to the concept of energy decontamination--let alone aware of the many types of contaminants. And most of those who are don't take the time to self-clear daily--or even weekly.

As long as we're living in human body-mind units, clearing of "common stuff" often (including other people's stuff that we're carrying) is important for the health and wellbeing and for keeping our channels to Divine open. What I have learned through experience is just to assume there is "common stuff" to clear and do it. Checking myself out for "common stuff" takes extra time and isn't necessary. However, this morning, I did a wee bit of checking during the middle of my clearing. I'm almost ashamed to say that for years I was aware and didn't clear often. That's like getting a brand new car and not doing manufacturer-recommended servicing/maintenance. You know, there is more "common stuff" than most people recognize. For more information on some types of contaminants, take a trip back through the archives of this site. Even if you've done it before, you might find something you didn't take note of before. (I do that when rereading articles and books, and I suspect most of us do.)

We have posted on this site various methods of clearing self. We have these and many more in handout form available for those who support this Love Work. Anyone want to join me in a New Year's resolution?

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Angel-Light Love
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