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Sunday, January 03, 2010


January 3, 2010

I was enlightened recently that I have been neglecting some very important things that needed to be included in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (aka Clearing-Healing Process). My first reaction was an exasperated, "How could I have missed that?" I then remembered that there had been a previous attempt to remind me that I neglected to follow up on. Oh, well!

We'll begin our discussion with the topic of Physical Parasites because a good understanding of these will assist one in understanding the other types of Parasites. Is there any educated person who does not know what Physical Parasites are--in general? They are commonly known as Intestinal Parasites. Let's get a little more specific. I found a good description on the web site of the University of Maryland Medical Center ( http://www.edu/altmed/articles/intestinal-parasites-000097.htm ): "There are two main types of intestinal parasites: helminths and protozoa. Helminths are worms with many cells, and are generally visible to the naked eye in their adult stages. Tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms are among the most common helminths in the United States. . . . Protozoa [another type of Intestinal Parasite] have only one cell, and can multiply inside the human body, which contributes to their survival and enables serious infections to develop. Transmission typically occurs . . . through contaminated food or water. In the U.S., the most common protozoa are giardia and cryptosporidium." The helminths/worms feed off and gain sustenance from their hosts (human body-mind units). The protozoa also feed off their hosts and, more significantly, carry disease.

Next we come to the subject of Emotional Parasites. I found a good "official" description at http://www.guiding-grievers/7-emotional-parasites: "Emotional parasites are people who emotionally feed off another without regard to their host's emotional well being. Emotional parasites emotionally consume their host. . . . You know they are emotional parasites, if after any amount of time spent with them, you feel exhausted and drained afterwards. These people overly indulge in 'I' and 'me' sentences. They monopolize 90% of a conversation. They seldom have time for you or your issues. Emotional reciprocity doesn’t exist in the relationship. . . ." Emotional Parasites can be called Energy Parasites. However, Energy Parasites can also be called Psychic Parasites.

The term Psychic Parasites has come to be used to cover all other types of parasites except Physical Parasites, although the word "Psychic" comes from the word "Psyche" and means "mind" or "consciousness." Psychic Parasites are Mind Parasites in the strictest definition of the world. Most, if not all spiritual healers use the terms Psychic Parasites and Energy Parasites interchangeably and the term Psychic Parasites is most often used to mean Energy Parasites. Are you following me or have I lost you already? (Helps to have a sense of humor!) We have used the label Psychic Parasites as an umbrella term in the Divine Reconnective Healing process since its inception. And now we come to what we've been missing!

Actually, it's not that we've been missing Spiritual Parasites entirely because some of the elements of the Clearing-Healing Process deal with these loosely. Unfortunately, in order to effectively remove them, one must have a good understanding of what they are and, most importantly, address them specifically. They, too, are Emotional Parasites--albeit nonphysical beings such as what we wrote about a couple paragraphs ago. I have my own understanding of Spiritual Parasites, but I also did a wee bit of reading on the subject before beginning this blog. I like to provide different perspectives.

As with all Parasites, Spiritual Parasites feed off their hosts--energy in this case. As they feed, they grow. Just as Physical Parasites can be transferred, so can Spiritual Parasites. After succeeding in entering and getting a hold on a person's energies, Spiritual Parasites grow and gain strength over time and influence and even, in extreme cases, almost take over the human body-mind unit. How do they enter in the first place? Damage to one's auric egg allows such things to happen. Also, if an individual has been attacked and/or abused physically (including, to keep from using the word, in the mating and reproduction areas), emotionally, or mentally, then it is quite possible that there is a Spiritual Parasite in residence in that human body-mind unit. However, Spiritual Parasites can extend into other human body-mind units and also can move on to a new host by influencing their current host to attack or abuse someone else. Unfortunately, it seems that hitting or yelling angrily at a child can cause an extension to occur--or for the Spiritual Parasite to "jump ship," so to speak. Once a Spiritual Parasite has been removed or has moved on to someone else, the left-behind host can experience a big change in thought processes, feelings, and health/wellbeing--directly related to how long the Spiritual Parasite has been in residence.

So that's it folks! We've not been addressing the matter of Spiritual Parasites adequately/fully! Once the realization came to me, I checked out myself and others for the presence of Spiritual Parasites--only about fifteen people. A few didn't have any. No one had more than one, and it is my understanding that no one has more than one, although I may be wrong. We began the removal of the Spiritual Parasites we found, their disposal, and repairs of all damage caused by these to their hosts. All went well except for one senior citizen, and there was big time resistance--not on the part of this one's spiritual hierarchy, but on the part of the Spiritual Parasite and its network. Whew! We (and other healers) have been considering some physical disease this one has been experiencing in the solar plexus/tummy/abdomen for some time and gaining insights, but not totally eliminating the physical issue. Even a medical doctor hasn't found anything that could account for what are called "attacks." What we did (after my enlightenment on the subject) was to address the issue of the Spiritual Parasite in residence in this form and also any human body-mind units it had extended into.

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