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Saturday, January 09, 2010


January 10, 2010

Recently had a phone call from a supporter with a problem. He/She had phoned a friend of the past (a healer/teacher) who had been so angry when the supporter moved out of state that he cut the supporter out of his life. A few months after that move, we found that the entities working through that healer/teacher were extended into the supporter and had implanted him/her. They were siphoning the supporter's energy for their own use. Once we had disconnected the two and cleared the supporter through the Divine Reconnective Healing process, he/she felt much lighter and stronger--and free for the first time in a long time. Frankly, it was if I was conversing with a different person. Remarkable! I had never interacted with him/her when he/she wasn't under the influence of that healer/teacher. During our phone conversation, he/she recalled this his/her healer/teacher friend was always saying, "You're such a powerful person!"

What a shock it was to experience his/her weakened condition in our most recent telephone conversation! His/Her intention in calling the healer/teacher friend from his/her past was to clear any misunderstandings and negativity that might remain as a result of his/her moving out of state against the wishes of his/her healer/teacher friend. During their short telephone conversation, the healer/teacher was cold and said things that were unbelievable when they were repeated to me (although I had no doubt of their being repeated correctly). The healer/teacher ended the conversation by saying he'd ask his guides if he should allow their friendship to resume.

Afterward, the supporter (who is very energetically sensitive) felt something descend over one side of his/her body and told me he/she was aware of a cap sitting over the top of his/her head (covering the crown chakra, I assume). Since that conversation with his/her healer/teacher friend, he/she has felt terrible and very weak. We decided to address the violation immediately and, for good measure, to initiate a full Divine Reconnective Healing process (in its current form) within a day or two afterward. Also told him/her that if anyone ever experiences something negative because of an interaction with me, I want to know about it because it means that either I need to clear myself OR entities with the individual don't want him/her to interact with me (and usually the latter). It is not to jump to conclusions without considering all the possibilities.

People, if you're a supporter of this Love Work and sense something is amiss in your auric egg/energy bodies/etc., don't hesitate to ask to be checked out. Support works both ways.

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