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Thursday, January 08, 2015


January 8, 2015

We have explained to people over the years that, for wellbeing and good health, it is best to be emotionally balanced and not go off unnecessarily.  There are energy parasites who cause emotional turmoil in individuals and groups in order to feed off the energy.  They can even deceive someone into thinking they are under psychic attack in order to create emotion to feed from.  Once they find a good source of food, they want to hang on.  The key is to be balanced emotionally and feel with the high heart, the higher feeling body--not the solar plexus, where the lower emotional body is seated. Whether strong negative emotions or extreme positive emotions (as some people have exhibited when winning a lottery), the entities can feed. They are more common than not.

Because these feeder entities can also target ones who stay balanced emotionally and drain energy, we want to suggest decreeing and affirming, with positive intent: “I Am [name]. I Am The I Am That I Am. In the name of the Light and with my Applied Conscious Intent, I [name] decree I Am cancelling, negating, and voiding any and all agreements that me and mine have made to be harvested and to be food and nourishment for nonhuman life forms—throughout space-time—throughout time-space--for the duration--now."  Another suggestion is (with the same beginning and ending):  “. . . transmuting and transforming all the anger energy in my person and my home into love . . ."  Deep breathing and using your arms and hands (as if you’re a powerful love and light warrior, such as children can be seen doing) and imagining light energy emanating from your hands is helpful.  If you haven’t already, teach yourself to breathe using the full trunk of your body and even spend time practicing breathing with the full body.  Unfortunately, we read on the Internet that people, even spiritual teachers who don’t have knowledge of feeder entities, are accusing human persons of being “energy vampires.”  Many, if not most, times, it is energy vampires attached to human persons that are causing the energy drains on others in their presence.

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