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Sunday, August 16, 2015


August 16, 2015

I read or heard someone recommend blessing objects in one’s home on the Internet the other day.   I needed that reminder!  I am grateful for the Internet for so many reasons! Truth be told, throughout my ministry, I’ve blessed more people and places than I have objects, although I tend to bless my house plants and patio plants often.  Doing so tends to raise the vibration of the people and places and, thus, offer a measure of protection against negativity.

Over a couple days, I blessed objects in my home by placing my hands over or around them and saying three times from my heart, feeling the love: “I bless you in the name of Christ.”  I began by blessing my angel figurines.  I’ve blessed the crystals and stones, the knocker on the door to my apartment, the windows of my apartment, and more. My frequency resonance vibration climbed higher as I filled and surrounded the objects with Healing Love Energy.  Felt wonderful!

After I sat down from blessing objects yesterday, it occurred to me to bless my body (which I’ve done in the past from time to time), and I immediately began receiving names of organs and areas to bless—one at a time. Just placed my hand over the area and blessed, using the name of the specific organ and imagining rays of golden white light going into it. If there was an area that couldn’t be reached to lay the hands on or over it, such as adrenal glands (which I targeted individually), then I placed my hands near the area or on the opposite side of the body from it, and blessed it with:  “I bless you my [name of organ] in the name of Christ.” I also chose to bless my body with hands on top of the head (stacked) and hands over the core (about where the rib cages meet near the bottom).

You may have seen people holding their hands over their food in restaurants ceremonially.  This is a form of blessing.  In fact, some people may be saying over the food:  “I bless you in the name of Christ”  or “I bless you in the name of the Light.”

You may or may not feel the energy flowing through your person when beginning to bless objects or your food or parts of your body.  Just persevere over time, and that may change.  If it doesn’t, I recommend consulting with the Angel-Light Team to discover what is blocking the flow of Divine Source Energy through your person and to learn how to clear your channels, circuits, and conduits.

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