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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


July 5, 2015

The reader may want to review the July 31, 2015 article posted to the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ (link below) titled, “Oversoul aka Higher Self” before reading this article. From so doing, one can understand that the Oversoul/Overself/High Self is the first tier/level of each one’s Divine spiritual hierarchy.  Therefore, keeping that connection/channel/circuit as free and clear as possible is conducive to one’s wellbeing, such as described somewhat in that article.

For we embodied as humans who are awake and aware that we have been called to a higher purpose,  maintaining constant communion with Divine Overself is necessary for optimal engagement at this level of existence.  For us, maintaining the integrity of the connection with Overself at 100% optimal, 100% free and clear, is important to the success of our missions/ministries.  It can sometimes be difficult to do this, for life’s circumstances can hinder and interfere.  Keeping the line of communication open and as clear as possible can be important for our survival. Constant communion with Divine Overself serves us well.

I would venture to suggest that the majority of we who are called to a higher purpose fall short of 100% Overself connection integrity occasionally (even perhaps often)—usually for short periods, but sometimes for longer periods of time.  In the latter circumstance, when we have gone more than a little off-course/off-plan, reestablishing that free and clear connection with Overself can be more difficult and require more effort and time and energy.  Asking forgiveness of one’s Oversoul/Overself/High Self is the best way to start. I’m in the habit of sincerely asking for the forgiveness of my Divine Oversoul/Overself/High Self for those times when I have strayed off-plan for whatever reason (including the typical interference that we who are called to a higher purpose experience at this level of existence).  I begin with, “My Divine” or “My One” or “My One, My All.”  These communion sessions with my Divine Oversoul/Overself/High Self fill my heart and entire human being with wonderful, high-vibration love.

The quality of any person’s access to Divine High Self is dependent on the integrity of the connection.  The higher the integrity of the connection, the more free and clear the channel/circuit.  Many times on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ we have shared several ways to decorrupt and decontaminate various systems and components of one’s embodiment, from just stating an “I want” to asking for the assistance of a spiritual/metaphysical healing facilitator.  Some readers will have several methods of clearing self in their spiritual/metaphysical tool kits and can use them when there is a sense of disconnect (partial or total). Others may want to ask for assistance.  The percentage of integrity of the Oversoul/Overself/High Self connection is one of the things we check for when doing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  We can also check this separately for curious ones.

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