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Sunday, January 17, 2016


January 17, 2016

I had it in mind to write about the differences between extraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials, so I did a Google search for basic information.  How delighted I am to find http://conspiracy.wikia.com!  Just like Wikipedia.com, the site depends on contributions (just as I do, for that matter, and depend is an accurate term).

Ultraterrestrials:  Ultraterrestrials are like extraterrestrials, a very technologically and scientifically advanced civilization (much more so than ours), except they don't come from space but rather, from our own Earth. In fact, they have been living among us since the dawn of time. They may be either a different branch of biological evolution, or a certain human culture that, for some reason, evolved much faster than others.  The term was coined by John Keel in the 1970s to explain, for example, the mystery airships.

Extraterrestrials:  Aliens have been among us throughout history, or so believers claim. Some have shaped the earliest human civilizations and indeed might have turned mindless animals into thinking humans or even began evolution itself. Others visit the modern world from time to time and abduct people to conduct strange experiments on them. Wherever they come from and whatever they do, they all have a place here.

For any reader who might not have English as the language of origin, I will explain that the term “terrestrial” means “of or relating to the earth or its inhabitants”  (per my dictionary).  Other than that, I don’t think there is anything I want to add here.

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