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Saturday, January 23, 2016


January 23, 2016

If the reader ever doubted the existence of off-world beings who have been involved with this planet for millennia, reading  2nd edition of “They Exist: A Review of Key Literature on Extraterrestrial Existence” (UK: Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd., Nov. 2015) by International Lawyer Piers Morris, whose home is in Great Britain,  will dispel those doubts.  Majorly revised, with additions and deletions (because there are only so many pages in an affordable book), “They Exist” continues to enthrall this reader who, admittedly, has a vested interest in seeing it distributed to English-speaking people around the planet.  Here’s the Acknowledgment:  “Thanks to Angel-Light Love, who is based in Dallas, Texas, a true healer and teacher, for her help in reviewing my many drafts of the book as it developed, and for her support over the years.  She is someone who really understands the meaning of the words ‘service-to-others’.  Her Angel-Light Beamer blogs can be accessed at http://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com.”

On the back cover, we find:  “EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXISTENCE AND WHAT IT MEANS TO US—IT’S ALL HERE IN ONE PLACE!  This is one of the biggest stories in the history of humankind:  We are not alone.  There has been an interrelationship with advanced extraterrestrial intelligence from the beginning of human history. Not much is known about alien existence, even though it has had a huge impact on humanity. ‘They Exist’ is a unique review of key literature in the field of extraterrestrial existence, and summarizes the work of the researchers and writers in this field in one easy-to-read book.  We learn about a frightening alien agenda which could end humanity as we know it, the current control of humanity and why aliens are visiting Earth.  An essential reference covering the arrival of the UFO, the monuments to alien existence, the political and military response to the aliens, the alien-human hybridization agenda, and much more.”

Part 1 is “An Introduction to The Existence of Extraterrestrial Life and Its Effect on Earth”  (short).  There are three sections in Part 2, titled “Creation,” including: Intelligent Design and The Moon.  In Part 3, “Flying In (and Out),” are found sections named Project Serpo; Global Roswells; Traversing Space; and two more. Part 4 is titled “Contact (Positive and Negative),” and has three sections, including Alien Viruses.  Part 5, “Political Impact, Control and Destruction,” includes Exopolitics; Global Control of Humanity; and Planetary Destruction.  Part 6, “Outside Influences and Signs,” is fascinating, with discussions of ancient monuments, weightless technology, sacred sites, and more.  Part 7, “Traveling Aliens," is the conclusion. 

And that’s not all!  In the “Addendum,” are found sections titled, Dimensions Beyond Life, Thoughts and Consciousness, Parallel Universes, Sovereignty of the Soul, and more.  The Bibliography references 78 works of a variety of authors.  What a read!

“They Exist: A Review of Key Literature on Extraterrestrial Existence” is a great way of learning a variety of information about the subject of extraterrestrials.  It is available at www.amazon.com.

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