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Friday, July 01, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, July 1, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Recently, I was contacted by a man in his twenties who is concerned about his obesity, and he claims not to be a glutton or consume lots of alcoholic beverages, etc.  He wondered if there is something the Angel-Light Team could do to assist because he hadn’t been able to make much of a dent in it no matter what he did.  Yes, sometimes obesity can have metaphysical causes—minimally and maximally and all stages in between.

We did a partial Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, with focus on what categories might be causing the obesity and some related areas. I’m grateful that he gave us permission to share some of what we uncovered because it might help someone else. It was refreshing to find that this man doesn’t have a lot of the corruptions and contaminants that we find with many people (partly but not totally because of his young age).  However, I was almost astounded about some of what we did find.  For example, we found that he is carrying the stuff (called metaphysical and psychic weight, among other things) of 48 other people—including 42 of the ancestral spirits that are with him.  Wow! The 15 earthbound spirits attached to him can also be causing the excess weight.  In addition, there are 5 extensions of/from/through other human body-mind units into his. All that would certainly weight a person down even if it didn’t cause obesity.   All this added up to him carrying 720 lbs. of psychic and metaphysical weight and 465 lbs. of emotional weight. Whew!  I discovered that the integrity of his energy wheel chakras is high and their activation is healthy.  Also found the same with his light energy bodies except for the etheric body, which is the energy body located next to the physical body. It is only 30% free and clear and is quite a bit misaligned with his physical body, although 85% intact. Aha!  The misalignment is where many, if not all, of these foreigners gained access to his person.  Another reason is that his auric egg/field is 16% off its correct position. Yet another is that there are 14 active portals in his auric field. At least he isn’t a full body portal.  Because damage to the “electricity” can cause a variety of problems, we checked and found a large number of energy shortcircuits (17) plus 5 damaged circuits and 2 damaged templates.

I knew immediately to check to see if he is under the influence of curses, negative prayers, and related rituals and practices (black magic) because they are known to cause all kinds of issues.  Yes, there are 23 total, 20 of which are family/group/tribal and all but 1 from other lives (related to the ancestral spirits around), and 3 individual—all from other of his soul lives.

I had no intention of beginning to address these issues right away, but the Angel-Light Team and this man’s team were eager to get started.  I have to admit that I felt noticeably better after I initiated the work than before I started.  We’ll be finished with this body of work, with which we’re proceeding with very carefully, in about six weeks. Other members of the Angel-Light team (crews) are working with other people, and we have crews on standby.

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