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Friday, July 01, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, July 1, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

“The Future is Here Now,” a 50-page Ebook available from DL Zeta (www.celestialvision.org), focuses on Fifth Dimensional (also called Fifth Density) consciousness.  Here’s an excerpt:  Recognizing and embracing the signposts of fifth-dimensional consciousness helps you home in on the broadcast of the New Earth. This allows you to further entrain your consciousness to this new and expanded time. As you further align with fifth-dimensional consciousness, the broadcast you send out to the world becomes more aligned with the essence of the New Earth. This draws you into communion with others who are waking up and tuning in, and with those who share your purpose of shifting human consciousness to this new octave. As those who have volunteered to anchor these energies unite, the frequencies of the New Earth become ever more accessible, ushering in the new and expanded possibilities of this “golden age.”

Excellent! I would like to add here that it's not that one is or is not (one or the other) aligned with 5D consciousness, and there are degrees/percentages of being aligned with 5D consciousness, and that one's alignment with 5D consciousness can vary over a lifetime. (It's dynamic, not static.) That's my reality based on 25+ years of facilitating healing and wellbeing for others while continuing to address my own (including soul group) issues.

Over the years, we the Angel-Light Team have investigated a few, select people who seem to be of higher consciousness and carry higher, finer frequencies than the average person, focusing on discovering the percentage of 5D and higher dimension/density frequencies/energies they are carrying.  We have found that the higher/finer the dimension/density, the less of those frequencies/energies are found with the human person—if at all.

We haven’t included this as part of the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, but I’m inclined to begin so doing, using the category “% Aligned with ____ Consciousness” (beginning with 3D and including up to 9D, and possibly including 2D and 1D—at least in the beginning--just to see what, if anything is found).  We already include “% Aligned with Christ Consciousness.”  You may or may not be interested in this type of general information.  Some people are

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