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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


June 29, 2016

I’ve been having more thoughts about various stages of soul incarnation and embodiment recently, so when I saw a sharing of Bernhard Guenther (www.veilofreality.com) on Facebook this morning, it was good timing.  Here are a couple of definitions of the word “incarnation” from Merriam Webster dictionary: time passed in a particular bodily form or state; the state of being incarnate, and a definition of “incarnate” is invested with bodily and especially human nature and form. Incarnation and embodiment are, more or less, synonyms.  Embodiment can be best defined by looking up the term “embody,” and a definition of “embody” is:  to represent in human or animal form.  As a Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator of 25+ years, I’m aware that souls (sometimes called spirts in mainstream literature) usually aren’t 100% engaged with or 100% inhabiting human body-mind units (far from it, or so it seems). It would take a chapter in a book to explain, so we won’t go into that here.  After all, the purpose of this article is to share Bernhard Guenther’s thoughts.  Here are some excerpts of his post that caught my attention.

“To be embodied doesn't just mean to be in "touch" with the physical body. . . . You can be in touch with your physical body and have "mastery" over it without being embodied. . . . But the key point is to become sensitive and listen to the world THROUGH the body.. . . Embodiment from a spiritual/esoteric perspective is the process of soul integration, connecting to one’s "higher self" and becoming a conscious vessel for spirit to work through. It relates to the alchemical marriage of the inner male and female. Based on various esoteric teachings, the soul is something human beings need to develop or grow. . . .--embody it via spiritual/esoteric work [personal/self work]. In the average person the soul is in an embryo state and not fully individualized. Until the soul is matured, one’s identity lies in the mechanical false personality. An embodied soul becomes the seat of the creativity and dynamism of the real self, and the personality is an expression of one’s higher self, connected to spirit and the Divine within.”

Bernhard quotes two people, including John G. Martin: “In order for something to be embodied it must be perceived by the body, or related to something that the mind has understood through bodily experience.”

The reader may want to check out Bernhard Guenther’s site, www.veilofreality.com, and subscribe to his informative blog.

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