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Friday, September 09, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, September 9, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

When I awoke in the 1980s, I was Christ-oriented and angel-oriented.  So when people in the North Central Texas area would get so thrilled about having guides, I couldn’t relate.  When asked the names of my guides, I didn’t know and didn’t care.  One day I decided to ask the names of my guides just because others were so enthusiastic about having them.   I was shown an image (on my mind screen) of a pasture with an occasional tree and four humanoid males hanging out. Their names, if I remember correctly, were given to me as Matthew, Mark, Andrew, and John (John being the head of the group).  To say that I sought to engage with them and get their input would not be honest because I continued on as before—mostly just going within and seeking guidance (although after that I could give people the names of my guides). I felt a strong resonancy with Archangel Michael, whom I call Christ Michael the Archangel from the time I awoke in this body knowing that I was on mission to serve, and experienced receiving a sword from him on another plane of existence.  Within about ten years, I was also given a huge emerald cross during a private session with a spiritual/metaphysical facilitator (surprising him and me).  Emerald green has always been my favorite color.

Another thing I did that was different from everybody else I knew about, was working with the gold ray, what I call the golden light of Christ—rather than the white light.  Eventually, I decided to mix a little white in with the gold so as to make people more comfortable mentally. After all, it was what they had been told to work with by other facilitators.  I mostly don’t do that anymore.  Pure bright gold it is!

Because I value the thoughts of Michelle Walling, CHLC (www.MichelleWalling.com, www.cosmicstarseeds.com, www.in5d.com, www.thestarchildren.net, and www.howtoexitthematrix.com), I decided to take the time to read an article she shared on Facebook recently titled, “Spiritual Guidance for Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Leaders.”  Because I haven’t been focused on guides during this lifetime, I learned some things, and I’ve realized that I have been receiving guidance from guides that I have called my Divine Support Team for years.  I have decided the information about guides can be beneficial for just about anyone, so I’m going to share excerpts here.

“Levels of guides:  It is very rare for a person to have just one guide with them helping from the other side. Guidance is assembled through a team that meets your vibrational level and knowledge needs. There is no set number of guides and there is no limit to the number of guides you can have. Guides may not always be with you as they may be assigned to help 3 or 30 more people at once, but they have an alert system that brings them to you when they need to be there. . . There are also information and task guides that come and go. . . There are protector guides for those who have important missions. [A-L Note: Mine have always been angels.]”

“The dark side of guides:  There can also be false light beings posing as your guides ready and willing to bring through misleading information.”

“How guidance is assigned: Most guides are there just doing a job to help you get on the right track. A ‘normal’ level of guidance is needed for those who are under the sleepy spells of this reality and no change is really needed if a person doesn’t make leaps and bounds in consciousness during a lifetime. . . . The guidance assigned to a person may not be in their best interest if it was assigned through the reincarnation process, and a changing of the guard may be in order to help you to move to your highest and best path. As we awaken and grow, we will need new guidance and possibly even protection if we decide to put ourselves in a rebellious position of leadership into freedom.  Although we would like to think of all guides as being perfect for us, that is not always the case. . . There are as many levels of guidance as there are levels of dimensions and densities. There will always be higher level guides waiting in the background to be called upon to rectify a situation. The key is that they cannot act unless given a decree from Source to do so, whether it is Source at a higher level or the Source that is within you. . . .”

“Revocation and re-assignment of guidance:  I [A-L Note: Michelle Walling] made a declaration to Source and the Universe to bring me the guidance I needed to go above and beyond what I ever thought I would accomplish in this lifetime. It sounded something like this: ‘I am here, I am awake, and I know who I am. As a fractal of Source, I find myself in this human body, having this experience, and I know I am here to make a difference. In order for me to do the best job I can in helping myself move forward and to help humanity, I insist on having the best guidance available to me. This means I ask for a review of my guidance by my higher self, and a council of guides sent by Source to determine that the current guides that I do have are in my highest and best interest each day of my life. I am willing to cut the ties to those who may not have the knowledge of the higher levels or that I accepted through trickery or false light manipulation. I request they be replaced with those that are approved by Source and have my highest and best interest in mind. I thank all guides who have been a part of my life in the past, I thank those that are here with me in the present, and I thank those that are going to come into my life. And so it is done.’  Be prepared for huge changes.  [A-L Note:  I recommend this be spoken aloud, slowly and clearly, several times a week for one week, beginning with “I Am (your name)”--and the other words of your Statement of Being if you have one.] . . . There is also some maintenance that needs to be completed every so often to ensure that the best help is available. As a person completes one level of understanding or learning in preparation to fulfill their highest role, there is always a whole new set of circumstances and synchronicities that need to unfold along with people that need to come into our lives. It is a good idea to refresh your guidance team as these new levels of understanding are met. I have learned that just when we think we know the truth, there is always a higher level of understanding that is just around the corner. [A-L Note:  I agree.]  . . .”

“The bigger picture:  Guidance may be filled by an aspect of our soul that is outside of this matrix. In an organic experience on another planet that has not been taken over by dark forces, a person normally has the freedom to shift their consciousness back and forth through many other experiences and parallel lifetimes that are occurring in “no time”, or at the same time. Therefore, some of our guidance can come from a free aspect of ourselves that has a higher level of understanding or wisdom based on other experiences. These are the best guides to call upon because their energy and ideas can be easily assimilated into our causal bodies and can merge into our physical bodies when needed.  When asking for guidance, one may as well get it straight from Source. Connect with the Source aspect that you are and grow and expand that energy as much as your body will hold. True guidance and wisdom comes from within and working with that will allow the highest and best potential in a lifetime. Until we are all capable of accessing all of the wisdom Source carries within us, we have guides that carry information and love that will help us to stay on the highest path available. Doors are opening each day that allow us more clarity and vision that allow us the co-creation of a new life on this planet. There is more than just a change of the guard in guidance going on here on Earth. As above, so below, we are living out the microcosm of the Universal change of the guard and the whole system is being lifted up. Awareness, trust, and allowance are needed to give permission for the lowest level of reality to be shifted into a higher vibration.  Gratitude is necessary to thank all of the spirits that volunteered to be a guide to the brave souls that inserted themselves into the densest physical incarnation known to man. Guidance comes many times in the form of intuition, and learning to trust your own intuition takes a little practice. You can give yourselves a pat on the back, as only the best of the best knew that they could awaken from the spell and declare their freedom from a tyranny that has been rampant for eons of time. . . .”

I recommend the reader check out Michelle Walling’s web sites (listed at the beginning of this blog article) and read, study, and learn. Just take what you can use, and allow yourself to be open to points of view that may differ slightly from your own.  

Michelle’s article touches on the subject of false guides aka imposter spirits.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to exercise discernment when communicating with spirit guides.  My personal guideline is compatibility with Christ Consciousness and sometimes even “Christed Ones” as far as asking for or receiving personal guidance.  Usually, it is provided without my asking.  I commune with my Inner Divine Spirit and Christ in Me (referred to by St. Paul as “Christ in you the hope of glory”). 

Some people “test the spirits” by asking, “Are you of the Light?”  As I’ve explained to more than one person over the years, there are degrees of light and degrees of dark and degrees of just about everything.  I have the two books of Lynn Grabhorn, who transitioned in May 2004.  The first published was, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feeling” (2000).  As a result of the information published in that book and elsewhere, Lynn Grabhorn came under extreme psychic/metaphysical attack by dark forces.  As a result, she published her best work (in my opinion) in 2003, titled, “Dear God! What’s Happening to Us?” and subtitled “Halting Eons of Manipulation.”  In her second book, Lynn provides a decree/affirmation process that has been widely circulated titled, “Protection—From the Light of God That I Am.”  It has been modified somewhat by a few people. The main change I have made is changing “100% Pure Light” to “80% Pure Light,” because most guides are not “100% Pure Light” and neither are embodied souls (and “80% light” is about the maximum we can hope to achieve while embodied). Here’s the information in the handout process that we share (a list on the handout, but a paragraph here):

Protection—From the Light of God That I Am
Source: Lynn Grabhorn in “Dear God, What’s Happening to Us?”
Important Notes: Please say these nine statements in order given.

From the Light of God/Divine that I am, I hereby declare that my team of guides shall, as soon as any necessary transference can be made, be comprised only of members of 80% or more Pure Light, who have never been reprogrammed by entities of the dark. From the Light of God/Divine that I am, I hereby declare the entity that is my Primary Guide shall be an entity of 80%  or more Pure Light that has never been reprogrammed by entities of the dark, with such change, if necessary, to be made as soon as possible.  From the Light of God/Divine that I am, I hereby declare that my consciousness mix should be converted, if necessary, to entities of 80% or more Pure Light that have never been reprogrammed by those of the dark. I further declare that this conversion should take place as soon as possible, but preferably during evening hours as I sleep, and as gently as possible in order that I might continue my normal daily routine.          From the Light of God/Divine that I am, I call forth that all things, whether animate or inanimate, within or around me, my home, or my yard, or place of business [or my environment or my automobile] be immediately deactivated from use as “directional beacons” by those who are not of 80% or more Pure Light. I further declare that when this has been accomplished it shall be irrevocable and permanent. From the Light of God/Divine that I am, I call forth that no energies, entities, or spirits are to be allowed anywhere around me at any time that are not of 80% or more Pure Light. I further declare this to be irrevocable and permanent. From the Light of God/Divine that I am, be it known that I hereby immediately cancel all contracts and/or agreements I have made with any entity, in any time frame, or in any reality, that were not in my best interest, or in the interest of the Light, or that were made with entities who were not of 80% or more Pure Light. I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities. From the Light of God/Divine that I am, I call forth, beginning immediately, that there shall be no negative energies downloaded into my body from any source, and that any energies run through my body from this moment on be only of 100% or more Pure Light.”  

Note:  Some people mistakenly consider the term “entity” a negative term, but it isn’t.  If the word makes you uncomfortable, change it in this declaration process to “energy” or “being” (or use both).  If I were to use it at this time, I’d change “God” to “Divine.”  I’ve never really liked the word “god” because it’s a term used too loosely, and there are lesser gods.  Even in the book of Genesis, the gods say, “Let us make man in our own image and likeness.”  Some people prefer to change the word “God” to “Prime Source” or “Creator” or “Prime Creator Source.”  Native Americans tend to use the term “Great Spirit.”  Use whatever suits you.

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