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Saturday, November 19, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, November 19, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

As a super-sensitive individual with about 85% Extra-Sensory Perception/Super-Sensory Perception (ESP/SSP).  I can sense/perceive entities and spirits and consciousness units arriving and hanging around. Often, I’m engrossed in healing work for another person or a project and just ignore them—sometimes to my detriment.  Many of the spirits/entities/consciousness units who visit me are created by other people—either intentionally or unintentionally.  The November 11, 2016 edition of Lisa Renee’s “ES Ascension News” titled “Increasing Sentience” (which is quite lengthy, as usual) has a section titled “Energy and Intent Produces Sentient Beings.”  Lisa is an advanced, high-caliber teacher for people who are more awake and aware than average, but I want to share excerpts here for readers who might benefit from this information about entities/spirits created by other people.

Lisa:  “Energy is given form in the world through the expressions made in our body, from inner expressions of energy, we externalize the energy that we have created inside of ourselves. Through the level of consciousness and frequency we choose to be, which is defined by our choices moment to moment, the accumulated energy forms itself into a consciousness identity.  […]  Our energy is given form in matter through our mental thoughts, emotional feelings or through our physical actions. When we give expression to energy, that energy becomes conscious in matter and thus, it becomes a part of the world that we create for ourselves and for others. All humans generate energy expressions that can also become conscious creations, and even sentient beings, whether they are seen in matter or unseen.  Many people do not realize that the energy and intent behind thoughts, emotions and actions can generate things, and even creatures. Depending on the intention, strength of mind and emotion, as well as the power of spiritual intent, those ingredients will dictate the strength of the energy being generated, into some kind of form or creature. An angry and violent person who is unaware of ritual magik can conjure demonic entities that send negative curses or negative energies to another person, without having full conscious awareness they have done so. Black magicians use ritual magik for the intent of conjuring these types of creatures, out of the collective and individual energy streams that have been expressly created, or were specified by the intent of the ritual. It doesn't matter if we are unconscious, awake or asleep, or do not believe spiritual forces or collective energies exist, we are all contributing, collaborating and co-creating with the many forces that exist in this world, in every possible shade and gradation of light and dark [emphasis added]. The direction of energy or intent can evolve into some form of sentient being when it is fed into the collective consciousness, which animates it into some kind of form. That animated form can be used against us when we do not understand how we have created it from our own energy. If we send out the energy intent of hatred to another person, the frequency of hate through morphogenesis can take the form of an etheric weapon. Those etheric weapons will be cast upon the energy field or aura of that person, being directed with the energy of hatred. […]   [Angel-Light: In the process of spiritual healing and energy clearing for people, we have often discovered etheric weaponry.]   Through every thought we generate and every action we make, we are giving some form of expression to a quality of energy that exists in our consciousness and, simultaneously, exists in the world consciousness. […]  The world consciousness is what has been co-created through what we see reflected through the entirety of all of the collective consciousness expressions in all of the inhabitants of this earth.”  Lisa Renee's web site is: www.energeticsynthesis.com. 

Angel-Light:  Entities/Spirits/Conscious Units created unintentionally are not that difficult to process; but those created by people with much anger (such as in road rage) are resistant and require more personal power than average.  Those created in ritual magic require certain knowledge and abilities.  There was a time when I was naïve and was convinced that all I needed to do was pray in the name of Christ to clear and heal anything. I’ve learned that some cases are more complicated than that. 

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