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Thursday, December 08, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, December 8, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. How can we assist you?

Recently on Facebook, www.in5d.com shared the link to an article of Ryan Stoliski of  https://pathofbeautyblog.wordpress.com  titled “Stop, Drop, Connect!” In this article, dated November 22, 2016, Ryan shares a technique for reconnecting to your higher self/God self/true self (and he uses the titles interchangeably in the article)—a technique taught to him by his Higher Self.  Here is an excerpt of Ryan’s words about the technique:  “In the experience of my outer-self, I  have witnessed many situations where the use of this simple technique could have saved any involved parties from becoming snared in the web of outer influence. This web of outer influence is as apparent as the oxygen in the atmosphere. It permeates everything in this physical reality. This outer influence is constantly knocking at the door of our consciousness--begging for entry—and, for some, it is an open-door policy. This leads to all forms of discordant creations and experiences. When you are not in control of what comes in and out of your consciousness, you are similar to a loaded gun in the hands of a blind shooter.  I hope this helps you all, and you can get the benefits of being fully connected to your Higher Self/God Self at all times. This is just one technique that I use anytime I get distracted by outer worldly influences.”  Ryan ends his article with:   “With Great Love, The Mighty I AM Presence,” meaning his “I Am Presence.” 

I (Angel-Light) want to comment before sharing Ryan’s technique.  Your “I Am Presence” is Divine/God/Christ in you.  These words are used interchangeably by some people, but “Christ” is considered separate by other people.  We’ve written about this several times on the Angel-Light Beamer.   Some teachers know High Self/Higher Self as a link between the Soul and Divine.  Divine is the source and essence of all life, prime creator.  Some teachers know High Self as the Soul, as do I and Erin Pavlina of www.erinpavlina.com:   “Your higher self is you.  You in the ether.  Your higher self is the real you, your total soul consciousness [emphasis added].  The you that is living here on Earth is just a projection of the consciousness of your higher self [your soul].  Your higher self is the more complete you, the one that isn’t being frustrated by the veil that draws down upon us when we incarnate that causes us to forget where we came from.  The higher self is the one in possession of your spiritual contract, the plan you made for yourself before you incarnated.  He or she has your instruction manual and your life plan in his/her hot little hands. Higher self is neither male nor female, but for the purposes of this incarnation, you’ll probably want to identify higher self in your current gender.  Your higher self resides in the ether, but is still quite connected to you.  Nothing can break that connection.  Higher self has access to your thoughts, goals, intentions, everything you’re thinking and feeling and wondering.  There is a conduit that goes directly between you here on Earth and higher self up in the ether. [Angel-Light Note:  I don’t know if I’d use the words “up in the ether,” but I’m leaving them in because they are the words that Erin uses.]  Your higher self is watching over you and helping to steer you in the direction you intended to go when you created your spiritual contract (your life plan).  Higher self knows where you’re supposed to be and when, and who you’re supposed to meet and when. . . . Once you are born, however, all you have of your higher self is an ethereal connection, which you will hopefully feel or discover as you tool along through life.  Your Higher self also scrambles to edit your life plan if, through your free will, you mess things up and get off track.”  Erin shares a technique for communicating with your higher self at http://www.erinpavlina.com/blog/2006/11/how-to-meet-your-higher-self/.

Now let us get back to Ryan Stolinski’s technique for “re-connecting” to your higher self.  I want to emphasize at the beginning that it is important to state your intent and to use the word re-engage for re-connect. Or use them both, such as, “I Am [your name], a sovereign soul, and I [your name] decree and declare I Am re-connecting and re-engaging with my [your choice of High Self or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am]—now.”  Some people like to add “attuning to and aligning with” at the beginning for thoroughness.  I often do that.   Some people include all the titles in the brackets in one affirmation/decree, while others choose to decree/affirm separately for each at different times. 

Ryan’s first step is to “stop the body,” described as [shortened and adapted and edited]: Try to bring mechanical functions of the body to a minimum. Get somewhere that you will be able to relax the body and be completely undisturbed. Sit, stand, or lay. You can either close your eyes or keep them open. If you are fluent in the art of meditation, this should come fairly easy. Step two is to “deep breathe,” as follows:  Take a very deep breath into the belly, filling the diaphragm with as much oxygen as you can pull in through the nose. Hold for count of three, then release from the mouth. As you breathe out, imagine all of the tension in the body going with it. It helps to imagine this tension as a color so when you breathe out, you can visualize this color being exhaled with the breath. It may take a few deep breaths to feel even partially relaxed, so take as many as you need, but also keep in mind that the object of this technique is to re-connect you to your God-Self [Angel-Light: or High Self or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am].  Make sure that this is your main focus and intent and you are not distracted by simply trying to relax the body. If you don’t feel fully relaxed, it’s okay. The purpose of this is to dissolve the grip of your connection to the outer world/physical reality. Once you are still, and you have taken a few deep breaths, it’s time to allow the feeling of your Higher Self to move back into the body. And that is step three:  Feel!  This part of the technique is very important. You allow yourself to feel the sensation, around and within you, of your God Self  [Angel-Light: or High Self or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am] moving back to the forefront of your mind and body. This can manifest in a myriad of ways. For Ryan, the heart begins to flutter and beat a little more intensely than usual and a tingly sensation [Angel-Light: I call this Divine tingles.] overcomes the body. Remember, every individual will experience and create this feeling in their own way. It may be a tingly feeling, a ringing in the ears, a feeling of love, comfort or peace overtaking the body and consciousness or evidenced in other ways. The easiest most effective way to perceive this is to move your consciousness into your heart.  Focus on your heart and the sensations occurring within it. For some, as the heart beats a little harder and the body gets the sensation of love or comfort from its Higher Self  [Angel-Light: or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am], the reconnection will be instant, depending on how experienced you are at allowing the flow of Universal Energy. For others, it may take a few minutes of removing the connection with the outer world. Those who take a little more time in bringing back this connection, your goal is to let go and never to try to force this feeling. This will only serve to block. Simply remove your focus from whatever experience has distracted you and move your focus to your heart. The goal here is detached awareness. You will notice this working because you will actually feel lighter and unburdened by whatever distracted you in the first place. It will feel as if a wave of calm and peace have come over you. That is what it physically feels like to be in full connection to your God Self  [Angel-Light: or High Self or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am].

That brings us to Ryan’s fourth step:  Be Here Now.”  After you have relaxed the body and mind and you can feel in your body the calming, loving feeling of your True Self  [Angel-Light: High Self or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am], you can easily fix your consciousness in the NOW moment. You will know you are firmly in the NOW moment when any past or future experience is not in your consciousness. It helps sometimes (if your eyes are open), to place focus on an object, purely for a point of focus, in order to prevent your consciousness from drifting to memories or future imaginings. Your job at this point is to keep this feeling and experience of the NOW moment locked in your conscious awareness for as long as you possibly can. Whether it be for one minute or twenty-five minutes, the benefit of this is immense. Specifically, as you achieve this state of being for the first time, you actually set up a reference point for all future uses of this technique. Meaning, the state of being you achieved, is now the reference point for all other times you desire to use this technique in the future. As you become more and more familiar with this connection and its feeling, you will find it nearly effortless to return to or stay in this state of being. As you begin to hold this state of being more frequently, it becomes more natural to conjure this state of being after you have been distracted from it.  Eventually, this state of being becomes permanent, and all outer experience will seem as though it has no effect on your mental or emotional state. It’s important to realize that this technique takes practice, just as does learning to play an instrument or get a basketball through the hoop.  In the beginning, it may take some time, but eventually it will become natural. This will than become your permanent state of being and you will always know and feel your connection to your Higher Self  [Angel-Light: High Self or Soul Source or Oversoul or Divine I Am].

I would provide a link to Ryan’s article on https://pathofbeautyblog.wordpress.com, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. 

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