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Sunday, August 20, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
August 20, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

An article by Gary R. Leigh (www.empathsupport.net) titled “What is a Soul Call?” has been shared on several sites.  There seem to be minor differences in the various forms of the article.  I first saw it on www.in5d.com (dated August 17, 2017), and knew I wanted to share at least part of it.  In this article will be excerpts.  

A soul call is a cry for help from one soul to another. It is a desire, a prayer, a request to the universe, to God [Soul Source, Divine] or whatever you have chosen to believe in, to bring aid and help deliver the caller from their current situation. A soul call is a cry for help or assistance from one person to another on a soul level. Soul levels can be described as the higher part of our being and is normally accessed through prayers or asking the universe, God [Divine], or whatever your belief may be. There are many who are on a path where they have an overwhelming desire to help and heal others. Some choose to put themselves in the service of God [Divine], while others work to help those who ask for it, or need it. Those who answer such calls tend to be highly sensitive people, healers, people who want to help society or Empaths.

I believe that no prayer goes unanswered. It may not be answered in the way you expect it to be and you may choose to ignore the answer because you don’t agree with it, but it does get answered. One of those ways is the Soul Call.  They are generally sent by those who have found themselves in a very dark place. Perhaps they see no way out of their current situation. Maybe the answer to their problem has eluded them. It’s possible they have lost all hope and have finally decided to pray to a higher power for aid.

Anyone can answer them but it’s more than likely that it will be someone who has agreed to be of service to others. Someone who seeks to help or wishes to grow in spirit.  It also may be due to an agreement that was made on a soul level that was agreed to even before birth or part of someone’s personal spiritual training.  The helper will feel an unmistakable pull towards the caller.  At its strongest, the parties involved in the soul call will feel like they are falling in love with each other. Often, the helper will feel a strong compulsion to see or talk with the caller, ask about their history, find out all they can, and take every opportunity to be with them. If they try to ignore this feeling, it will become stronger until it is almost irresistible.  Not all Soul Calls need be major events. Sometimes it can be as simple as just passing on a message. Other times, it can be a little more complex, such as a need to help someone get to a safe place in their life or maybe to guide them to a new spiritual level.

The soul call normally comes with a sense of compassion and need.  There is often overwhelming desire to help the person or even save them. There is generally a sense of sympathy and yearning to want to make their life better or an obsessive feeling that you must be in their life in some way.  I suggest checking your feelings and ask: Is this is a soul call? If you feel the answer is yes, then trust those feelings.  That can be tricky though, especially for Empaths as they may have trouble discerning their own feelings from those of others.

A soul call may start off rather low key. It might be just a compulsion to read a book, or maybe watch a show on television that you would not normally see. This can lead to information that you might need later.  They often begin with a seemingly chance encounter.  You might be preparing for years in advance for the time when you will answer that call. Even seemingly negative events might be part of the preparation.  Remember, nothing is random.

So you’ve received a soul call. How exactly do you go about answering it? The thing about them is that even if you are aware it is one, the other party may not be. So how do you tell someone what they need to hear? How do you do what is needed for those calls? In order for the call to be completed, you need to pass on what you feel compelled to do.  The simplest way is to simply come right out and say something along the lines of: “I know this might sound crazy, but I have a very strong desire to tell you something.  What you choose to do with it is up to you. I’m just the messenger.”  The typical response is that the received message makes sense, even if they weren’t aware they were asking for answers.  Trust in what you’re feeling and know that it will work out. [The calls can also be about providing spiritual and metaphysical healing, supplying food, and many other things.]

You may be wondering what you personally get from answering these calls. The answer is experience. The more calls you are able to answer, the more proficient you become with answering and solving the problems. This will allow you to grow spiritually and gain valuable experiences that you might otherwise not have.   They can be a great blessing for all involved.

I Angel-Light have received soul calls delivered personally by the angels of other people.  Most times I assist, but sometimes I don’t.  

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