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Thursday, September 07, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
September 4, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

When experiencing the worst of the "stroke" and "heart attack" symptoms (each one over several days) in the second quarter of this year, I had remote sessions with two different out-of-state healing facilitators--one via phone link with a newbie who had just begun facilitating within the previous 6-12 months.  This one seemed to be way off with what he/she was reporting and saying about me, and it was more like he/she was describing my next-door neighbor in this apartment building (although the session was about 35% beneficial).  So, my Soul Self, which had been mostly “upstairs during the session,” descended more into this body-mind unit and told the facilitator that he/she was not describing me and reasons why.  I knew it was my Soul Self (actually a higher-vibration aspect of my Multidimensional Soul Self, whom I refer to as my Angel Self) because of her appearance and the feel of her essence, and I feel more whole with her presence—more my True Self. 

I first identified this aspect of my Soul Self by appearance about 1990 when I had my first healing session with a facilitator visiting North Central Texas to teach groups and to facilitate wellbeing for individuals. The session was gifted by a supporter who also had one.  The facilitator was well know from his books and trainings in the USA and other locations around the world.  He and his Team guided me into viewing my True Self/Soul Self, as he did with others who had the sessions. It was a beautiful experience.  I have so much love in my heart when more of the essence of my Soul Self/True Self is embodied.  When I Am being mostly human (when a large portion of Soul essence is out of body and working elsewhere), there is not as much love. Some readers will be already aware that other aspects of the Multidimensional Soul Selves can and do descend into and ascend out of our physical vessels. This may be new information to other readers.

Since beginning to meditate and explore 35+ years ago, I’ve learned more than I can remember.  And I don’t recall reading/hearing the individual Higher Self referred to as plural Higher Selves until this year. I just hadn’t thought of the higher-vibrational expressions/aspects of my Multidimensional Soul Self in that way, but it does make total sense to refer to those aspects as Higher Selves.

Affirming aloud, “I Am Angel-Light. I Am Soul. I Am Light Divine. I Am The I Am That I Am” seems to bring my True Self/Soul Self more into the body.  Adding these words to that affirmation is even better: “. . . I Am attuning to, aligning with, and merging with my Higher Self—throughout my totality—now.”  (If preferred, “selves” can be substituted for “self,” although in this affirmation, it doesn’t seem to be necessary.)    

In service, we are the Angel-Light Team. Through this physical embodiment, we the Angel-Light team have been facilitating the healing and wellbeing of people and pets and places around the world (locally and remotely) for over 25 years via Healing Love-Light Energy, high-level guidance, angelic messages, energy infusions and extractions and clearing, analysis and resolving of issues, relationship analysis, soul lives (past-present-future) analysis, and more.

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