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Monday, September 11, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
September 11, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

It’s one thing to have metaphysical connections with others that are overt and mutually beneficial; it’s quite another thing to have covert connections with others that are harmful to one party or the other. There are so many types of possible metaphysical connections, including cords and strings, hooks, plugs, extensions, consciousness implants, energy packets implanted, and so on.  When contaminating and harmful (or just unwanted), these can be addressed in various ways. 

There are also energy merges, where two people “become as one” (to varying degrees).  On this anniversary date of the worst disaster in the history of the United States of America, when almost 3,000 people died in the World Trade Center catastrophe, two examples come to mind.  I’ll probably never forget two stories of that time.  One man reported months later that when it was happening he felt his wife separate from his body and sensed her ascending vertically in front of his body, and he knew she had just died.  I’m getting strong Divine tingles (validation/confirmation) as I write about it. A woman reported a similar happening when her husband separated from her body and left her that day, after which she felt incomplete. I would assume that either the spouses of these people came to retrieve their energy after they had left their own bodies before leaving this level of existence—or else, their higher selves gathered their various fragments/parts/portions for integration.  There are several reasons one’s parts and portions and facets/aspects can become separated during a lifetime, and sometimes they are misplaced and stuck in other lifetimes of the soul.  

In 2008, I shared some of my experiences addressing unwanted and negative and harmful metaphysical connections in an article on the Angel-Light Beamer, specifically “unhooking.”  Physically disengaging from the spouse happened in 1987/1988.  After several years, I had thought I had terminated all metaphysical connections, too.  I discovered I was wrong.  When I used the word “unhook” and the names of various people one by one, including his, I experienced the trunk of my body, especially the abdomen, struggling as if to expel something.  The heaving motion in and out was almost violent.  Those were the most extreme symptoms at the time.  There were lesser symptoms with a few more people who came to mind during this unhooking meditation, but no symptoms for some people I thought of, which indicated we weren’t hooked up.

Reader, you can ask a healing facilitator to address these issues, but far better be it for you to address them your own self.  Usually, the power of your spoken word is sufficient to terminate the connections.  If you want to cover this subject more thoroughly, you can use the words “unhook, unplug, detach, disconnect, disengage, and untangle”—collectively, but individually is better (just as dealing with one person at a time is better rather than naming several people). 

This is not to be done lightly and, therefore, it can be wise to also use the words “from my energy”—especially when a person has to remain in your life for any reason.  Even if the person’s physical body is no longer living, there are reasons to use that person’s name (someone who had abused you in some way earlier in life, for example).  It is also wise to disconnect from all past physical mates.  You can make a list of people to start with, and more will probably come to mind as you move through the process.  Remember to deep breathe throughout the process.

Here’s an example of words you can use for this:  “I Am [your name]. I Am The I Am That I Am.  With my applied conscious intent, with the power and authority of my Divine I Am Spirit, and with the power of my spoken word, I [your name] decree and declare I Am unhooking and unplugging and detaching and disconnecting and disengaging, and untangling from [name of person]—and unmerging us and severing all our connections--throughout my totality—now.”  You can modify this to fit the needs of your connection with each particular person.

You may prefer asking angels (which I often refer to as “benevolent beings”), as follows:  “I Am [your name], based in [city, state, country].  I [your name] invoke the intervention and intercession of any and all benevolent beings [or angels] of this galaxy on my behalf to unhook and unplug and detach and disconnect and disengage and untangle me and mine from [person’s name] and unmerge us and sever all our connections throughout space-time-dimension—now.”  You can add “In the name of the Christ” before the actual invocation if you wish.  Again, you can modify this to fit the needs of your connection with each particular person.

It isn’t recommended that you disconnect, etc. from everyone on your list all in one session.  And you can also cover general categories as you feel necessary (or if you just want to cover more bases).  For example, instead of a person’s name, you might use “demonic spirits” or “nasties” or “all people who engage in the dark arts” or “hostile spirits” or “energy parasites.”   Always pause between each person/category and take one or more slow, deep breaths.  Give each request time to be processed, while monitoring your body and having all your senses ready to receive any information that might be enlightening and revealing.  

The shorter, less complete 2008 article mentioned in the third paragraph was shared in the blogs and on the sites of a few other people. One recommended it as “excellent” and another as “fabulous.” Perhaps this longer, more complete version will be helpful to even more people.  If you decide to share it, please include my name, Angel-Light Love of Texas, and mention the Angel-Light Beamer and include the link below.

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