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Thursday, March 01, 2018


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
March 1, 2018 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Recently, there was a thread on Facebook that included comments about the names of two spiritual teachers offering classes and sessions. The comment that started the name discussion was someone who challenged their names.  

Comment from one who was obviously a family member of one of the two, based on an additional comment: “How did [name] and [name] get their names? It's not who they really are. [revealing info] this is not [pronoun] true frequency. I know this for a fact.”

Response from one of the two spiritual teachers: “Well, no, I'm not [name], but I liked [pronoun] name, so I changed my name to match [pronoun] a few years back, as my birth name no longer felt like a fit.”

Another spiritual teacher commented: “I feel it as all words represent wave form energy.  We are given a wave form energy by our parents and don't really chose it consciously.  As we awaken and our energy changes, as more soul frequencies come in, we may want a NEW wave form to represent these energies coming in, […].  […] I became [name] (a name that more fits my soul essence.)”

Yes, people change their birth names when the birth name no longer fits (or married name, for that matter). The body's name at birth does NOT always remain one's "true frequency” (whatever that is). And sometimes people change their names more than once during one lifetime to reflect who they are at that time in the life. It's disrespectful not to honor the chosen name of another person by using it (in thought and in word). Some of the worst offenders can be family members.

After almost 30 years with my current name, there are still distant blood relatives (an extensive Texas family) who refer to me by the first name given to the body at birth--some of whom pray for me (out of ignorance and/or misinformation) because of the name chosen, so they’re not in my life.  Some closer relations (and some acquaintances) shorten my name to “Angel,” but “Angel” isn’t my real name.  My real name is Angel-Light.  And when strangers ask what my “real name” is, I respond, “Angel-Light, Angel-Light Love.” Sigh!

I had been seeking my new name for a few years after divorce in the 1980s, knowing that neither the body’s birth name nor the married name resonated with who I had become after awakening in this body on mission to assist humanity (soul rotation/switchout aka walkin scenario, which are more common than the average person is aware).  Shortly after the end of a short involvement with a cosmic man who called me his “angel light” and his “light angel” and otherwise validated who I am/was, I recognized he had delivered my new name:  Angel-Light.  I began changing the name in every way but legally (because of the financial expense of doing it legally).  In a few years, I was able to change the name legally.  My last name was not “Light,” but was often used in that way by others.  In our society, people expect you to have a last name.  So before changing the name legally, I felt I had to choose a last name. After calculating the numerological vibrations of several options for full legal name, and after consulting with my angels/staff/crew/team, I chose “Love.”  Changed my name to Angel-Light Love. “Miss Love” isn’t my real name but, in life, you give a little and you take a little.

From time to time, in recent years, I have given some thought to changing my name again, this time to Angel-Light Lovejoy—partly because joy has mostly eluded me in this life (partly because of childhood abuse imprinted in the body—neutralizing and clearing still a work in progress). However, the body is currently 72 years young. Rather than change the name yet again, I have chosen to use the word “JOY” several times in decorative items in my playhouse apartment.   That’ll do!

In service, we are the Angel-Light Team/ Collective. Through this physical embodiment, we the Angel-Light Team/ Collective have been facilitating the healing and wellbeing of people and pets and places around the world (locally and remotely) for over 25 years. We assist people who support our ministry as they are able and as we are allowed. We don't do "energy exchanges" or accept "pay for services.”  There are numerous ways of supporting our ministry. Contact Angel-Light for details.

I have been and continue to be so grateful for the support of the ministry/mission of the Angel-Light Collective/Team and for my personal wellbeing since the official beginning in 1990! Showers of blessings upon all our supporters--past, present, future! May all be well with you! May there be plenty for you!

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