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Monday, March 05, 2018


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
March 5, 2018 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I was reminded this morning while contemplating during my usual long bath of what a shamanic practitioner told me in a short session at a wholistic fair a year or two ago, which was: “There’s a group of angels in the heart chakra.”   The info about angels wasn’t new information for me (for I identify mostly as angel—as do many others I’ve met this lifetime in person and on the Internet), but the heart chakra/center information was new.  After the bath, I signed onto Facebook, and the first thing I saw was a FB reminder of someone’s words of appreciation I had shared on FB four years ago today: “There's no doubt in my mind that without The Divine sending me an earth angel like yourself, I would not be here today. Bless You, Bless You, Bless You!"  A verification of my morning musing.

There’s an admonition that has been makes the rounds on Facebook and elsewhere over and over again:  “Question Everything!”  That I recommend!  But don’t expect to ever reach a conclusion that something is or is not accurate.  Much of the time, a hypothesis or theory can be only partially true or mostly true.  It’s not usually 100% truth or untrue.  Holding a piece of information as absolute truth can cause one to miss other possibilities. Flexibility is an asset, in my opinion.  And don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water.” I enjoy reading and sharing the opinions of others, which doesn’t mean I agree with them 100%.

I wish I’d kept a count of how many analyses of Soul-Personality-Energy we the Angel-Light Team did over twenty or so years—in its various forms. (It evolved into lengthier versions with more depth and detail.) The information I’m about to share (yet again) would be more believable if I did. The information has also been shared by others on the Internet and in books and articles.  Long story short, we uncovered several different genres of lightbeings/spirits/souls (also referred to as consciousness units) inhabiting the human body-mind units of those receiving the analysis, including angels, elementals (fairies and elves, etc.), reptoid (including draco), insectoid (particularly mantids), humanoid extraterrestrials, cetacean, and others (even what seem to be hybrids).  Some bodies were hosting a few; other bodies were hosting what seemed to be too many (in my opinion).  Some are observed hitchhiking and piggybacking, while attempting to use the body, and plugging into human bodies to take energy (mostly reptoids and what appear to be ETs). My main question was:  What is illegal?  Turns out that information isn’t as “cut and dried” as one might expect.  For one thing, the genetic material of many different universal beings (some claim around thirty races/genres) has been inserted into the planet’s “existing humanoid species,” which is sometimes referred to as “DNA manipulation.”  With DNA comes consciousness. Some readers might ask, “Aren’t they all illegal if they are not human souls?”  Natural assumption, but it’s not that simple.

People report, in their writings and videos, memories of various lives and experiences, and not all of them are memories of living as human on earth.  Some people report interacting with their soul families—including non-humanoids. There are composite souls, groups of souls created by their respective oversouls, and more variations.  There are collectives of souls/lightbeings/spirits formed for specific purposes, including gathering information and assisting humanity.  As one might expect, the types of spirits/lightbeings/souls being hosted by a particular human body can change throughout a lifetime, and some take leave of the body temporarily or for long periods of time.  And all the varied life forms being hosted by a human body-mind unit have their memories. Other selves, other lives.  You can find them all over the Internet easily and in books and articles less easily.  The human body is the “home base” for various consciousness units, with their memories (and parallel experiences). We have had angel memories and experiences during this lifetime (some reported on the Angel-Light Beamer) and have memories of what seem to be fairy experiences (at Findhorn, Scotland). I’ve heard and read many reports of other people describing their memories and experiences.

The bottom line, seems to me, is whether or not the individual various souls/lightbeing/spirits being hosted by a human body are harmful or helpful, benevolent or malevolent. What’s the intent? 

In service, we are the Angel-Light Team/ Collective. Through this physical embodiment, we the Angel-Light Team/ Collective have been facilitating the healing and wellbeing of people and pets and places around the world (locally and remotely) for over 25 years. We assist people who support our ministry as they are able and as we are allowed. We don't do "energy exchanges" or accept "pay for services.”  There are numerous ways of supporting our ministry. Contact Angel-Light for details.  May all be well with you! May there be plenty for you!

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