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Thursday, January 08, 2015


January 8, 2015

We’re about to complete the Divine Reconnective Healing Process for an individual, and he/she has requested some basic recommendations for spiritual and metaphysical wellbeing.  When writing the email, I realized that sharing with all would be a good thing to do.

The first thing we recommend is decreeing/affirming on a daily base:  “I Am [name]. I Am Soul.  I Am Light Divine.  I Am The I Am that I Am.  This human body is my sovereign sacred space. [Insert if you live alone: And this my home is my sovereign sacred space.] I Am a Sovereign Being in my sovereign space. I Am sovereign in my domain. I Am [name].”

We recommend this practice at least daily (several times a day in the beginning): Imagine a laser beam of golden white light energy coming down through your crown of your head and ending at your core, which is about where the ribcage meets near the middle of the body. There it ends in a sphere of bright light. By moving energy with your mind and using your imagination, fill your physical body with that light while, at the same time,  taking a slow breath, inhaling deeply.  As you breathe out slowly, send that golden white light energy outward to fill your auric egg/auric field, which may extend outward to 3 ½ feet or even 5 feet. 

We also recommend installing two different geometric shapes around your person using your intent and your imagination.  These usually need reinforcement from time to time—more often in the beginning (every day or two at first).  One favorite is a four-sided pyramid with a flat base.  And around the pyramid is a sphere.  Use golden white light energy to do so, and then fill them with golden white light energy using your mind and imagination. Keep in mind that the shapes your use are to cover the full auric egg/auric field, which may extend outward to 3 ½ feet or even 5 feet.

These procedures have proven to be beneficial.

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