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Saturday, July 18, 2009


July 19, 2009

Read somewhere recently that psychic attacks are about giving up pieces of yourself. I read that several times because I didn't fully comprehend it at first. Still don't. However, what came to me is that psychic attacks are about giving your power away. Seems there has been a lot of that "going around" (meaning like a strain of flu or a virus) in recent months.

If a reader has been or is being victimized by psychic attacks, we have suggestions related to self-empowerment (which is one of many ways to deal with such matters). These suggestions can be used by anyone who is feeling less-than or feeling victimized for any reason.

Begin with invoking divine assistance in the following manner: "I [your name] decree I Am invoking the assistance of my Divine Support Team [and anyone else you want to add] now." Then: "I [your name] Am calling forth the restoration of my power now. I thank you."

A very powerful affirmation is: "I [your name] decree I Am remembering my power, retrieving my power, and reclaiming my power now. And so it is." Many sense shifts and new energy immediately. For others, it takes longer. Stating this aloud daily, even three times a day until one senses the shift is complete is very beneficial. And then revisiting the statement occasionally serves as a type of maintenance for the state of being empowered.

Try this--and let us know the results!

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