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Friday, October 06, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
October 6, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

There are many ways to heal our relationships with others that are non-traditional.  One of these is going into other lives of the soul to root out possible causation with the assistance of a facilitator.  Some call this “past life regression”; I prefer to call it “soul lives exploration”.  Some of us have the ability to get our answers by relaxing and focusing and asking with eyes closed and focus on our mind screens. 

Many, many years ago, I typed papers for university students to bring in some money. There was one man that I secretly wished would stop asking me. For some reason, I didn't like him and didn't want to be near him. There was nothing about him--words, actions, or energies--that would cause such feelings in me. One day when waiting for him to arrive as scheduled, I wondered what the cause of my dislike of him could be. I was shown (like a movie) a past life experience that seemed to explain everything. I was on a wooden bridge and had fallen. A man was fighting off a group of men who wanted to get to me. All had weapons. I had the feeling the lone man, who seemed Chinese in appearance, had kidnapped me and the others were trying to rescue me. So that information explained my current feelings about the man! From what I knew about the man, I doubted he believed there was such a thing as past lives, but I had to ask him. He responded, "No, I don't, but I'm beginning to wonder. I have the strangest memory." He went on to describe the scene that I had been shown (in China, he said) except his interpretation was different from mine. He was under the impression that he had rescued me from the other men. Whatever! At least I was no longer uncomfortable in his presence after we discussed that past life interaction.

There was once a respectable man in the local wholistic community that I had an aversion to--despite his interest in me as a woman and desire to get close to me. I finally decide that I'd had enough of not wanting to be around this man and wanted to know the reason why.  When I focused and asked, the first movie I was shown and information I was given was about his saving his own skin rather than prove my innocence with his alibi, allowing me to burn at the stake before his eyes. He was a high-level priest or archbishop in the church at the time. Apparently, he was supposed to be celibate during that lifetime.  I was also shown a second life where he was an official in the church and sentenced me to death.  There it was!  I had my explanation! When I told him our history, he shared what came to him (as a believer in past lives). My discovery work also found that we were close and interacting in about fourteen lives. After that, "the air was cleared" enough so that we could associate with no bad feelings on my part.

These are only two examples of many times I’ve asked and received information about other lives where I’ve known people who have been associates in modern times.  Of course, experienced facilitators can be very helpful when one is curious about one’s other lives—particularly if they have knowledge of forgiveness exercises and other methods of healing “past lives”.  Going for psychic/metaphysical readings for basic information about relationship challenges can be useful as well; however, if you are intent on resolving the issues and healing it is best that as many of the senses as possible be involved by getting it your own self (with or without the assistance of a facilitator).  We the Angel-Light Team have a basic relationship reading and also a more detailed soul lives reading that are done remotely and reported via email for the convenience of seekers. These can be used as a starting point for those who are wanting to heal relationship and related issues.

In service, we are the Angel-Light Team. Through this physical embodiment, we the Angel-Light team have been facilitating the healing and wellbeing of people and pets and places around the world (locally and remotely) for over 25 years. We assist people who support our ministry as they are able and as we are allowed. We don't do "energy exchanges" or accept "pay for services". Showers of blessings upon you!

May all be well with you!  May there be plenty for you!

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